Wow, The Pocket Drone by AirDroids Looks Pretty Awesome

Imagine having a drone that’s just as powerful as the DJI Phantom 2, but small enough to fit in your backpack. AirDroids’s latest creation makes this dream a reality with the Pocket Drone.

The Pocket Drone is yet another Kickstarter-funded creation that’s attempting to make aerial photography and videography just a little more portable. The result? A device that’s no bigger than a tablet and software that’s incredibly easy to use.

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While other machines make flying and video recording complicated, the Pocket Drone makes it easy and accessible. Supporters of the manufacturer are calling it the “GoPro of drones.”

The Pocket Drone Features

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This new tricopter comes with so many fun and exciting features that are poised to change the drone industry as we know it.

Compact, Unique Design

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The Pocket Drone has a unique, collapsible design that makes it incredibly portable. The propellers are foldable, and the device features both a swing arm and telescoping tail frame. It even comes with a travel case so you can bring your drone with you wherever you go.

The Heavy-Lift Micro-copter

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Micro-copters aren’t exactly a new concept, but up until the Pocket Drone, most of these models were unable to carry a camera or fly for any longer than just a few minutes.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket and can still take excellent video or photos.

The built-in camera mount allows you to quickly and easily attach your camera to take aerial photos and videos. For such a tiny copter, the 0.5 pound payload is quite impressive.

Easy to Fly and Lightweight

This one is super easy to fly. Use your own DSM compatible controller or use the included controller. You can also control it using your Android phone or tablet through the USB port.

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The flight controls are stable, accurate and agile. Weighing just one pound, you can literally bring it with you just about anywhere. It won’t slow you down or take up much space in your bag.

The copter comes ready to fly right out of the box and can be deployed in just 20 seconds. The recharge system is quick, so it can provide you with endless entertainment.


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The drone’s flight controller is easy to modify and program using open-source tools. Not only that, the mobile app also offers a number of customizable features and open-source plugins. This allows you to truly tailor your flight controls and settings to your liking.

Firmware upgrades are made frequently to improve the drone’s power, control and stability. You also have the option of adding real-time FPV transmission or goggles to really get an immersive experience.

Built-in Safety Features

The copter features a breakaway, or retracting, propeller design. Built with high quality materials, the copter takes minimal damage from propeller strikes. Because it is small and lightweight, the chances of accident injury and damage is minimal.

Plus, the tricopter design equates to a much smaller spinning propeller area. As an added bonus, the copter boasts 33% less noise than other quadcopters.

Advanced Features

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It comes with many of the same features you find on the high-end, larger copters. Some of its impressive features include:

  • GPS waypoints
  • Altitude hold
  • Return to Home functionality
  • Autopilot flight planning using Google Maps
  • Flight controller that’s APM compatible
  • Barometric sensor, 3-axis gyroscopes and 6-axis accelerometers
  • “Follow Me” mode
  • Real-time flight data
  • Head-free mode
  • 20 minute flight time with camera equipped
  • Tricopter design

A Detailed Look at the AirDroid Pocket Drone Tricopter

The AirDroid Pocket Drone is really a remarkable tricopter. When folded up, it’s no bigger than the average 7” tablet and stands just 3” tall. You can easily carry it in your backpack, purse or even your carry-on luggage. Its design is so simple, and it’s ready to fly right out of the box.

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Unlike other micro-copters, this model features an incredible 20 minute flight time – even with the camera attached. Other micro-copters average a 5-6 minute flight time and most don’t have the payload capacity to carry a camera.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this tricopter is that it’s super easy to fly. You can use your own controller or the controller provided by the manufacturer. Autopilot modes are built-in, and you can use your Android device to control it as well.

Parrot Jumping Sumo Minidrone You Will Love It
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One of the most exciting things about this tricopter is the Follow Me feature. This is something that’s relatively new in the industry. With this feature enabled, the drone will follow the phone or tablet wherever it may go.

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This means that you can film yourself, or your subject, while running, skiing, biking or taking a stroll from an aerial perspective and in a hands-free way.

It is capable of flying up to one mile out and over 5,000 feet in the air using the included telemetry and radio controller. Technically speaking, you can fly it as high as 11,000 feet, but local regulations may not allow you to fly this high.

What Others Are Saying

It is not yet available to the public, but the company is taking pre-orders. The project originally began on Kickstarter with a $35,000 goal.

Visitors were so excited about the project that the company was able to raise $929,212 for the development. It’s safe to say, people want a pocket-sized drone, and they can’t wait for this tricopter to hit the market.

CLICK HERE for KickStarter Page The Official Website

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  • Wow I am impressed. They have improved about everything on this one. I agree that this will set a new standard for drones. Quieter, longer flight time, reduced size and the one I liked auto-flight planning using Google Maps. It will be interesting to see one of these and to see what the prices does when they come up. The price on this one may go up instead of down once they begin to manufacture them.

  • ed pierce

    The Follow Me feature is something that every major quadcopter should have and it will be a big selling point for this device. I would buy one as soon as it’s available. 🙂

  • Britanica

    The video footage is amazing! This one seems to handle very well for the specs on it. The video came out better then when I record something myself. I would love to get one just to play around with the birds and nature. See whats around without disturbing anything. So cool!

    • Dan

      Yeah that video is more stable then me too! I bet hunters could make use of this little guy. It is even great just to have as a survival tool. If something were to happen and you were lost, fly up and have a look for some help. Beats climbing a tree!