Wow, Dancing Dronies Look Super Cool


Tired of boring drones that can only be flown one at a time? While technology is still forging the future of drones, there are some amazing, small companies trying to make history. Dancing dronies is not only super cool, but it is a step forward in terms of technology.

The company, trying to raise money at the moment, has made a super cool, super small flying duo quadcopters that kids and adults will enjoy.

What are Dancing Dronies?

Click on the image to learn more.
Click on the image to learn more.

So, what the heck are these anyway? Well, it is a cute name for two, separate drones that perform formation flying. In essence, they are in sync with each other throughout the flying process.

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Have you ever been to an airplane show where there are two or more planes performing barrel rolls or other tricks at the same time? If so, you know exactly what dronies are.

These are autonomous flyers that do all of the work to stay synchronized without awkward, external sensors or GPS functionality.

Those Important Features

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They feature 6-axis stabilization to ensure that they are always leveled and never lose control.

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Meant for indoor flying only, there have been sparse feature details released by the manufacturer, but there are some features that have been released that show just how advanced we expect these nano drones to be.


They are the smallest, autonomous drones in the world. They are tiny and very lightweight, which means there can be no outside flying.


Upon liftoff, users will be able to control them with the use of a smartphone. Dronies are operated using most Android and iOS devices. Currently, the biggest difficulty seen is interference between the controller and the drone, but these kinks are being worked out.

Flight Patterns

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They are made to synchronize their flight with music that is being played on the smartphone controller. This is an amazing feat and one that a major Broadway musical actually put on recently.

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Essentially, the drones will dance based on the rhythm of the song being played.

Dancing will take place automatically, so you can dance to the music while they fly in the air around you. Manual controlling can be done, but the opposite drone will not sync up at this time. You are only able to control one at a time when flying manually.


The total distance from the controller will be 30 meters. This is the maximum distance allowed with a 2.4 GHz transmitter.


While the drones can make up their own dance moves, you can make up your own choreography to any song. This is done through a recording feature that when the song is played, they will simply repeat the dance moves that have been pre-programmed.

Sharing and Synchronization

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Sharing dance routines via social media will be possible. Furthermore, remote syncing is an extremely popular feature. As long as there is an Internet connection, it will be possible to sync drones in two different locations with each other.

How You Can Help

Drovionics, the makers of Dancing Dronies, are trying to raise money to advance their technology and humanize the world of drones. Through IndieGoGo, you are able to donate money to the team and lock in great benefits.

The team has many tiers of donations. There is an initial goal of just $10,000 that needs to be reached. Other goals are said to be more ambitious.

Sharing the news about the company is something everyone can do.

You can also connect with the company via their Facebook or Twitter account.

The Company’s Goal

Click on the image to learn more.
Click on the image to learn more.

While it may seem that these quadcopters are all about dancing, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The initial goal is to get these them to be able to fly through their air on their own accord without any accidents or crashes seen.

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Through non-GPS or sensor communication, the company hopes to bring this technology to a more practical audience.

For instance, the company envisions the ability for these drones to be able to navigate offices and drop off documents that would otherwise need to be transported by a person. Dronies are the first step to make this technology a possibility.

Drovionics information and news can be found on the company’s website. Pre-orders are also open.

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  • Todd

    These seem like a lot of fun but I’m almost positive these would be out of reach for most buyers. The technology behind it is very simple but I doubt these could become best sellers as many people are still eerie of smaller drones. I’m really curious how Dronies will manage on the current market, keeping my eyes on this one.

  • Daryl

    Wow, thanks for sharing this! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to raise all the $10,000, there’s less than a week left ad they’re only halfway. Great idea, nice concept and definitely fun for all the family but I think they could have made them a bit bigger.

  • DroneNerd

    Thanks for sharing the nice video! I enjoyed it a lot!

  • I hope you make your goal by Monday – they are such cute little buggers. I know my kids would love them, but I’m sure they would be broken in no time and I’d be one ticked off momma!

    • Alee

      I am 21 and even I love them! 😀

  • Alex London

    Looks like they’re going to miss their target, a real shame. The potential uses for these are huge – and they look awesome!

  • Alee

    omg they are so cute!! I love them!! HAHAH. Not only that, they look extremely useful too. I mean just look at the,! who wouldn’t love these? I am definitely setting these!