Will PlexiDrone Become The New Aerial Photography Superstar?

Has a new superstar been born with the PlexiDrone? This aerial photography drone has been featured in PetaPixel, Wired and dozens of other publications.

Initial shots taken by the PlexiDrone show crisp, clear pictures and film that even movie studios are thrilled about. Can this IndieGoGo project really beat out other drones on the market? Let’s find out.

Important Characteristics

  • Snaps together in just one minute.
  • GPS follow app for action shots.
  • Controlled straight through a smartphone app; RC controls also available.
  • Live video feed.
  • Camera control and rotation options.
  • GPS waypoint planning with the ability to save flight data.
  • Real-time voice and buzzer alerts.
  • Max speeds can reach 43 MPH.
  • Flight time is 10 – 35 minutes depending on flight characteristics.

PlexiDrone Features

The main characteristics are just the start of this drone’s amazing potential. Weighing just 2.2 pounds with a thrust of 7 pounds, this 15 x 15 x 5 inch drone is powerful and agile.

When flying, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of controls and modes that will make your drone follow your commands with the utmost precision.

Flying Modes

PlexiDrone Picture

If you’ve ever flown before, you’ll know that manual flight is difficult. Not only does manual flight take a lot of time to learn, it provides the most potential.

When flying on your own accord, you’ll be able to take shots that are not planned; catching the real action as it happens.

Other times, such as on a movie set, you’ll want a planned route. This is where the GPS functionality of the drone comes into play.

Users will be able to plan their flight ahead of time and let the drone take care of the rest.

Built in obstacle avoidance functionality will make sure that the drone does not get stuck in the tree or hit an unforeseen object.

With just one touch, you can tell the drone to follow me. Now, you can record yourself running, skiing, snowboarding or doing anything else.

View Control and Angles

Trying to hit the precise angle with a drone is very hard. After all, you’re at the mercy of your controller and the developer’s thought of functionality.

High-end drones, such as this one, provide you with the ability to really take full control of your recording experience. How is this done? Let’s explain.

360 Degree View


Everyone wants to take the best shots. With a 3D gimbal, you’ll be able to rotate your camera a full 360 degrees.

Landing gear and other integral parts of this drone will never get in your way of the perfect picture. Awesome, right? Well, there’s even more.

Swarm Tech technology allows you to capture a scene from multiple angles. If you’re flying multiple zones, you can even coordinate with the other drones for a true, real-life panoramic that captures every moment – planned and unplanned.

A modular payload is present which allows you to add any camera, up to 1000 grams in weight, to your drone.

Other Great Features

A few features are present that really can’t be categorized. These features include the following:

  • Voice communication: Your drone will alert you of the battery being low or exactly what it’s doing mid-flight.
  • Battery life: Users will be able to fly for 10 – 35 minutes depending on their habits. Hovering often allows for the most battery life while constant motion will drain the battery faster.
  • You’ll be able to use your table or phone to control the PlexiDrone. Simply aim your controller to your desired direction and the drone will react. You can also use an RC controller, but you’ll miss some very important features as a result.

Even during your most acrobatic, death-defying stunts, this drone will be able to keep up thanks to its top speed of 43 MPH. With a 32 feet obstacle detection, you’ll never have to worry about your drone crashing.

Community Feedback


Since opening up on IndieGoGo in October of 2014, this project has exceeded its goal by over $600,000. In total, users have pledged $700,000 to the project in just under two months.

As far as trying out the product, no one in the community besides news outlets have been able to get their hands on the product just yet.

With time, you’ll be able to purchase one of these drones; however, the release date is March of 2015, so you won’t have to wait long.

The flight quality and footage seen so far are very impressive. With the follow me feature, many users will find that this model is made for them. If you’re wondering how it works, the drone will sync up to your mobile device and use that data to follow you using GPS.

The safety features, speed and advanced camera controls will make this one of the best drones on the market in March of 2015.

CLICK HERE for IndieGoGo Page The Official Website

Excited to see the PlexiDrone in action? View the drone’s promotional video here.

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  • Ayden

    I’ve never heard of a drone that can fly as much as 35 minutes! All I heard until now was 20-25 minutes. And as I am a total newbie when it comes to drones and I would definitely hit every tree, it’s nice to hear that the plexidrone can avoid obstacles.

    • Chris

      Even for those of us with a little more experience, accidents can still happen easily if you’re distracted by what the camera is catching. I’m sure the obstacle avoidance feature will save a lot of people a lot of money 🙂

  • Brad

    Adding 1kg to a drone is quite nice and I can see how this would be handy for me to send small packages to friends on my block ;)! I dig the drone coordination – you could make a great video or even a movie if you had 2-3 drones all filming at once. I’m definitely considering getting one when it’s ready.

    • Alee

      hahah what a great idea! It would be really cool if our friends like in our vicinity.

    • Josh

      That would be kind of cool, even just for bringing things out to the backyard fire pit during summer barbecues.

  • Alee

    The bag it packs into is totally awesome! It just looks so cool! Other than that, the 360 angle coverage is actually pretty incredible. One can get some great footage with this!! I definitely see myself buying this is the near future!

  • Greg

    35 minutes – that’s enough time to catch some serious action! Well done Plexidrone, well done.

  • Donald

    Aerial photography is the coolest use for a drone that I’ve found yet, and so the Plexidrone looks like it’s going to be my next drone for sure. Now I’ve just got to think of a place to fly it that’s worth it… there’s a couple of quarries around my area that I’m sure would be beautiful from above, but I suppose I should also ask how durable this drone is compared to other models?

  • Rainier

    I’m so glad to see that more drones are integrating smartphone controls into their designs. No reason not to, after all.

  • Noah Ethan

    This article is pretty old. DreamQii has made many new modifications to their Plexidrone ever since and are looking great. Even though there has been a delay with the production process, its looking promising. The best way to keep up to date with the progress is by following video updates on their YouTube page.


  • Tom Chen

    The Plexidrone could’ve been one of the top 5 drones except it was never launched

  • JPeng

    Wow interesting to read these old articles about plexidrone. The new plexidrone looks so much different than the original campaign one. Can’t wait till I fly mine! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50cc7e94e5f5cba8584686e7137d1406e4745f224771c6c0ebd1e13a173793a8.jpg