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UDI U818A 2 4GHz

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The UDI U818A quadcopter is an Amazon best-seller and ranks #1 in the RC Helicopter category.

UDI originally had this copter priced at $499, but has since dropped the price to just under $70, offering an 87 percent discount.

While this copter may not be able to compete against the likes of the expensive Phantom, it is able to provide hours of fun and a solid flight time for the price.

UDI U818A Quadcopter 2 imageU818A Specifications

The following specifications are seen:

  • 4 channel support
  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • 6 Axis Gyro
  • Modular design
  • Distance of up to 30 meters
  • 500mAh battery
  • Flight time of 6 – 9 minutes
  • Charge time of 2 hours

UDI U818A Quadcopter Review

Upon unpacking this quadcopter, there is very little that needs to be done to ensure it is ready for flight. First, you will want to place the battery into the appropriate place, listed in the manual, and check to ensure the propellers are all on tight. The battery is stated to be charged prior to delivery, so you can start flying immediately.

During my first flight, I noticed that the battery life was much shorter than my subsequent flights. I believe the battery probably drained between packaging and shipping.

Understanding the Controls

The remote allows you to take full control of this copter and is easy to use. As the pilot, you will need to master the remote before really taking to the air.

The remote is very comfortable on the hands and even has a digital screen showing throttle, battery life and other information.

On the remote, you will find an inversion button which allows for flips, but you will only want to perform this trick when high in the air.

The two main controls are the left and right analog sticks. These are what will control your acceleration rate and the direction in which you are flying. Take your time to master the controls first before going out and really trying to fly your quadcopter outdoors.

The controls allow the novice pilot to begin flying without a lot of experience.

UDI U818A Quadcopter with Video/Camera Functions
Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

Video Recording

It is truly my belief that this model is ranked so highly on Amazon not for its great flying compatibility, but for its low price and the equipped camera.

Most quads in this price range do not come with an accompanying camera and will not support one.

I would be lying if I said this camera provides GoPro quality, but the quality is decent. For aerial photography that is not professional grade, the U818A will work just fine.

You will need to buy a bigger MicroSD card or have a few replacements available because the video fills up a small 1 GB card very quickly.

Battery Life

The battery comes charged, but it is best to recharge it upon arrival. My first flight was much shorter than the average 6 – 9 minutes seen when I fully charged the battery.

You will want to be careful right after flight as the battery itself tends to get very hot. Instead, you will want to give it 10 – 15 minutes before removing the battery for charging.

The charger itself takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery which is not ideal, but at the price, it is more than satisfactory.

Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

The flight is perfect. You can easily fly this copter outdoors in 5 mile per hour wind without worrying about it flying away. The 30 meter flight distance is also adequate and will allow you to fly all around the perimeter without having to move much.

The controls, as stated earlier, are straightforward and easy to use. The 4 channel flight allows the motors to adjust and stabilize the copter after a gust of wind. As far as speed and agility are concerned, this copter is quite fast and very responsive.

If you want to do any crazy flips, you will want to make sure you have a 10 – 15 feet altitude to ensure the copter does not hit the ground mid-flight.

While we stated this model can withstand wind, you will need to be an advanced pilot to withstand winds in excess of 5 – 10 miles per hour.

The copter’s light weight does not allow for too much wind to be present during a flight.


  • Amazing quality for the price.
  • Modular design allows you to replace broken parts.
  • Flight controls are simple and intuitive.
  • Built-in camera.
  • Decent flight even in the wind.
  • LCD display right on the controller.


  • Batteries die rather fast.
  • Replacement parts are rather costly.
  • Cannot upgrade the camera.
  • Battery gets hot when in use.

The UDI U818A is the perfect entry-level quadcopter. You cannot compare this copter to models that cost $300+, but it is the clear winner for anything $70 and under.

The built-in camera, amazing controls and stable flight make this one of the best quadcopters for the price.

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  • I am surprised to find something in this price range with a decent price range. From what I can see it seems like it would not be real hard to fly like some of them are. Also for the price you can put up with a little inconvenience. Even if you paid to upgrade the batteries it would still be a good buy. I like the way it looks and that it has blade guards already on it.

  • Britanica

    This is a great budget option for someone just getting in to drones. I personally would want something that lasts longer but I now the better the battery, the more they cost. It seems cost when it comes to drones, is centered around distance and battery life. Either way, for the price, it is a great deal.

  • Joe

    I recently came across this model on Amazon and was curious about it. For the price, you can’t beat the camera. It may not be the best at flying, as you have stated, but the views/videos are stunning and quite stable. The battery may be an issue for me which is why I haven’t gotten it yet.

  • Annie Marie Peters

    Thanks for posting this review of the UDI U818A quadcopter. I’ve heard several other people mention the battery life issue. I’d love to have one of these, but 10 minutes of flight time is a bit disappointing.

  • Alee

    The price dropped to a 87%. That is beyond amazing! It not only seems extremely fun, but is also not fragile. The handling is also very user- friendly. I give it a thumbs up, but they do need to improve the fight duration.

  • Alex London

    Yes the battery performance is poor – but for $70 it’s a great entry level into the world of drones, with a built in camera. I’m getting a few of these to give as Christmas presents.

    • Tacoga

      well i recently got a u818a and read the instuctions carefully (since i’m new to drones). followed instructions in strict detail. well i plugged the battery into charger (as instructed) and then plugged it into wall, also stated this to the company. and the light, the instructions state is suppost to be red and then change to green when charged. Didnt turn on until afeter a few minutes of charge (then it turned on red) , and NEVER turned green as stated in the instructions. the company in an attempt to correct the problem. they sent me a new battery and charger. after reviewing the instructions verfifying my procedure the new one also did the same as the origional one. even though the green light didnt turn on i plugged it in and continued forllowing instructions. it flew as described and takes good video. the controls are really touchy and i thought about doing an old trick i used with another project amny years ago. that was to put extenders on the control sticks until i got used to the controls. (i used to use drinking straws then but they are to small for the control stick) so i am looking for different avenue to get the same effect. all in all for the price very fun to fly. i will probibly end up buying a better upgrade. but for a starter i do recomend it, but do remember its a STARTER.

  • Narendra Korlepara

    My u817 quadcopter flew OK for one week after purchase. But recently it’s not lifting up beyond 2 or 3 ft. What could be going wrong? I checked the batter voltage after charging and during flight mode, it’s between 3.7 and 4.2 volts. Any suggestions? I’ve not mucked with any internal wiring, etc.

    • Dan Hartman

      I have the same problem. Did you get it fixed?

  • Jerry

    I just bought a u818A-1, and I can shoot still pictures but no video. The transmitter indicates that it is shooting video, and video files are created, but they contain no data.
    Does anybody else have this problem?

  • Isaiah Mack

    you say in the cons the camera can’t be upgraded but the discovery version is out with an upgraded camera. I opened my drone up once to replace one of the propeller modules and also noticed the camera can unscrew and be unplugged and replaced. also for people who say the flight duration isn’t very long there is a battery upgrade and if the drone can lift it you can add another battery in PARALLEL circuit.

  • I bought my husband the U817A as he is inexperienced in Drones. He used it for the first time with my son-in-law (experienced in high end drones) who could not figure out why it continued to just cut out (about 15 feet) and drop when it reached a certain height but oddly the only way to get it started again was to take out the battery and replace it without recharging it. Then the drone had to be shut off and restarted. Any advice or insight into why would be appreciated.

    • Forrestclay

      When you turn the remote control on the lite will blink make sure the battery is not in the drone itself push the throttle all the way up then all the way back down leaving it in the down position. Put the battery in the drone connect it and in a cpl second u will hear do do do from the remote when u hear that u are ready to calibrate … To calibrate push the right control stick to the bottom rite corner and the white lite on the drone will flash 2-3 times if it does that u are calibrated and ready to fly…

  • My husband (first time user) and son-in-law (experienced high end drone user) were flying the U817-A drone but whenever it reached about 15 feet it continually dropped suddenly. The battery then had to be removed, the drone reset in order for it to fly again. This happened continually. Any suggestions as to why and what can be done to prevent this? This was a brand new drone just opened!

  • Balasubramanian Rajasekaran


    I have this quadcopter ( It came with a 3.7V 500mAh 20C LiPo battery. It gives a flight time of 8 minutes. Can I change the battery to 3.7V 1000mAh 25C LiPo battery for longer flight time? Will that affect the quadcopter?

  • Bobbie Spoon

    How do I fix a blade that has become a little “sticky” It won’t rotate as well as the other 3. There is a little sticking point in it…..we have only used it for 2 days. We love it!

  • Justin Fuhrman

    Help please! I have a udi u818a and I’ve purchased a replacement remote, but can’t figure out how to calibrate it. I’ve followed the instructions many times, still no luck. Any ideas???

  • Griffin

    I was given one for Christmas, but after four flights on both batteries (I bought a spare) they went down to 30 seconds of fly time each. I am really careful with my drone, I never let it get wet and I never overcharge my batteries, so what could be wrong?

  • Debbie McCue

    Hello, we have our drone and had a great first run. I was doing great and cut out and fell to the ground safely. We have recharged and gone thru all steps – our problem is when we do it – we can get so far that the remote light goes solid – but it never connects. On the screen top left there is the funnel looking signal and no connecting lines |||| they just don’t seem to be connecting to talking to each other. We tried the calibrate steps and w/the right throttle to no avail? Any thoughts?

  • Delores Lopez

    They just made the UDI 818a even cheaper! I can’t believe you’re getting so much value for the money…. however I’m still tempted to wait for the latest Wifi version which should have more range. What should I do? Buy now or wait for the next version?

  • TG


    Just changed out the front two blades and it appears to be working fine except there no lift at full power. The blades were a pain to change. Any suggestions.


  • Alice Taylor

    This drone definitely offers more than its worth! I did some additional research on this model, and I found out that, from recently, the manufacturer has included the return to home feature! Found that information here Has anyone bought the latest model and can you confirm that this feature works?

  • Does anyone have a link to instructions showing what everything on the LCD screen mean?
    For instance the “signal bar.