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Syma is one of the best brands of quadcopters in the world. What’s their number one seller? The Syma X5C Explorer’s Quadcopter.

This model is the #1 best seller on Amazon with over 3, 000 user reviews and comes with a camera. For being priced so low (we’ll get to that later), we had to give this model a try for ourselves.

Syma X5C User Manual – Download Here

Let’s first take a look at this product’s features before moving onto our Syma X5C review.

syma x5c explorersFeatures at a Glance

  • 360 roll
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Hover capability
  • HD camera included
  • 100x faster radio control
  • Further remote distance with spectrum technology
  • Modular design
  • Indoor / outdoor flight
  • 2 pounds in weight
  • 50 meter remote distance (read more on this below)

Remote and Speed

Syma X5 X5C controller

The first noticeable technology was the remote. Users can change the remote with a flip of a switch to allow for left or right hand throttle. For lefties that often have to fly with their right throttle, this is a nice change.

The 2.4G remote control fits perfectly in the user’s hand, but the AA battery is not included, so make sure you have one available before attempting flight.

Syma boasted about their spectrum technology, allowing this remote to reach further than others on the market. The remote distance is slated to be a maximum of 50 meters, but this is way off.

When testing out this model, I was able to fly far over the 50 meter range and never had an issue. I dare say that I was able to go well over 100 meters without losing contact.

As for being faster than normal technology, the controls were superfast. The moment you hit the directional left, right or any other direction, the copter will react. Out of all models in this price range, I have never tried a remote with this much control.

You’ll be able to perform agile maneuvers that are normally impossible with a lower priced copter.

That leads right into our next section.

Syma – X5C Explorers – Review and Flight (Indoors and Outdoors) from Flyin’ Ryan

Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

Agility, Speed and Control

Syma X5 X5C wing

As we touched on just moments ago, this copter is very agile. You’ll even be able to perform full 360 degree flips with ease.

Smaller in size, this copter zips through the air with relative ease, which allows you to quickly combat wind gusts or any obstacles in your way.

Hovering was surprisingly easy, which is hard to find even in mid-priced models.

The 6-axis controller helps stabilize the copter in low to moderate winds. Being just 2 pounds, you wouldn’t want to fly this model outside where a 20 mph wind gust or higher was the norm.

However, even in 10 mph winds, this model handled great without much stabilization needed on my part.

You can control this model:

  • Up / down
  • Left / right
  • Forward / backward
  • Leftward / rightward

Stability and speed are great for pilots of all ages. Some users even stated that the speed was a little fast for their kids, but we didn’t mind at all.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any exact figures on how fast this model goes.

Video Test By User xtratalk1 (2:35 Minutes)

Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

Flight Test By User Quadcopter 101 (9:03 Minutes)

Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

Durable, Modular Design

Modular designs are ideal because you can swap out parts quickly and easily. For any beginner, this is great because you can be expected to crash a lot. Heck, even advanced pilots can crash and often do.

There are propeller guards included that will protect the propellers in the event you crash and burn.

Advanced users will often leave these guards off to reduce the weight and increase flight time.

So, how did this model hold up after a crash?

I tested the Syma X5C’s durability by:

  • Crashing it into the pavement.
  • Getting it stuck in a tree.
  • Accidentally landing in a lake.

Luckily, the lake mishap was close enough to the edge of the water that I was able to retrieve my drone. I didn’t test it immediately and let it dry first. Sure enough, I was flying it hours later without any issues.

Even after crashing into the pavement, the propellers and body didn’t break. I didn’t go a maximum height, but for such a small drone, I expected this model to crash and burn – it didn’t.

With a 7 minute battery flight time, you’ll have a lot of fun with this small drone. BTW, for great tips on flying your new drone, check out our guide here: How to Fly Your Quadcopter Like a Pro: 7 Important Tips

Decent Camera

Syma X5 X5C camera

This is not a GoPro camera by any means. Heck, for under $60, what can you expect? This camera is still very good, and the company includes a 2 GB Micro SD card as well.

You can check the card too. Some users state that test flight pictures from the factory were left on their cards.

The resolution of the pictures is set at 1280 x 720. Video capability is 30 frames per second, which is rather fast.

What Users Are Saying

Users are all very happy with this model. There have been over 3, 000 customer reviews on Amazon with everyone stating just how shocked they were with this quadcopter’s durability, speed and control.

There are two minor issues that people seem to stress concern with:

  • Shipping: Many buyers had to wait weeks before their product was shipped. This was not our case at all, so the problem may have been rectified. It could be that the customers purchased when stock was limited or during the holiday season.
  • Battery Life: You will never find a quadcopter where users do not complain about battery life. For a smaller model, the 7 minutes seemed fine to me. You can extend battery life by buying a replacement or upgrading battery, which is what I always recommend for avid pilots.

Syma X5C User Manual – Download Here

The Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter is the perfect model for beginners. This is not a Phantom and doesn’t claim to be, but at $58, you can’t ask for more. The advanced control technology ensures a further communication distance with the remote and a faster transmission of the signal for faster response time from your drone.

Click Here for 3, 100 + User Reviews and Discounted Price

Hovering, durability and control in wind beat our expectations. There is a reason this model is a best seller and why so many people praise the Syma brand. This is a mid-range priced quadcopter offered at an entry-level price.

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  • magnawarp the great

    I have owned an x5c for about 3 weeks now and I will say this: Maybe I’m stupid, but the thing is very easy to break or damage. The design is great but if you bump into ANYTHING the motor, propellor, shaft, or otherwise will go all screwy. I had to replace a motor and then jb weld the propellors onto the shafts because they kept coming off. I’ve decided to get a holystone f181 quadcopter as it looks like a slightly better OUTDOOR quad. Maybe somebody needs to give me flying lessons. Y’know, pilot licenses for drones.

    • Yes, before you are familar enough it’s better to train it outdoor.

      • Omendata

        Lol even outdoor is a problem with trees especially and large rocks.


        • On grass is okay..

          • Omendata

            Really hmmm i prefer hashish myself!

  • Tony

    I just bought the X5C put t together as instructions started it up only 3 blades work the 4th has a faulty motor hasn’t even left the ground yet

    • Omendata

      New pair of motors on amazon for less than £5 and they work ive just replaced mine.
      Good tip of you dont want to burn the motor out when it gets stuck in a tree is to always keep the guards on – stopping the blades on oan obstacle and keeping the throttle on just too long burns these motors out very quickly.

  • I got one of these and gently fired it up in the house. It slammed into the ceiling and then went after the cat! I just kind of figured this to be an “outdoor” drone at that point. My boss at work insisted on taking it on its “maiden voyage”, as he has several quad copters. He fired it up and it took off at high speed and was never seen again – off into the sunset! (He was kind enough to replace it!) Once it was in the air there was no control whatsoever, and it could not be reset. The lights on the copter were solid as well, not flashing or anything. This had to be an issue with the copter, since the replacement works fine!

  • Matthew Lipschultz

    Was hoping to learn about extracting video/photo from the camera? I know it has something to do with the X5sC-13 Reader, but the instruction book is lacking. Thanks!

    • Omendata

      Tfcard into reader – plug reader into tablet pc laptop pc or smartphone (with adapter) usb slot – use explorer to copy the files off – you can also edit the text file to change date and time video quality etc

  • Riccardo Corgna

    My drone doesnt connect with the rc it just continues to bling can smbd help me please

    • Daniel Swartzlander

      have you initialized it. the steps when turning it on is to turn on the drone which will have the leds start flashing. Then turn on the receiver which will have the light on the receiver start flashing as well. at this time you need to push the left stick all the way to the top and back down. this will make the receiver beep and the lights on both the receiver and drone should stay solid instead of flashing. this is done as a receiver can connect to any of these types of drones. thats how they pair together. At that point you can fly it. I hope you have already found the answer but if not, i hope this helps.

    • Liam

      Also if the drone is not steadily placed on reasonable level ground then the pairing will not work. you have to leave your drone on a flat surface to pair.

  • S1ant MC

    when i try to take a picture it just flips my camera is plugged in i don’t know what TO DO

    • Liam

      You might be on a different controller mode. There is 2 modes on the controller. Check your manual again and there should be a diagram for the alternate controller set up/instructions on how to change the controller mode

  • Stan

    When I turn on the drone and the remote the remote shows the left controller trimmed all the way down. When I try to trim it to neutral (middle) i hold the trimmer and it begins trimming up when it gets to the middle I release the trimmer and it returns all the way to the bottom. HELP

  • Luis

    On my zyma5sc instead of going upwards it tilts on two legs and if I increase the throttle it flips over, anyone ou there has an idea how to fix this problem?

    • Liam

      I think you might have accidentally swapped 2 propellers. The propellers are not all the same. Each propeller is the same as the one opposite it diagonally but different to the one opposite it in a straight line.

      Whichever side is raising is set up correctly. On the side that is dipping towards the floor swap the propellers and see if it works then.

      A good way to tell is if you look at the drone from above so the word “syma” on the drone is easily read and you spin the 4 propellers so the “warning” writing on the propellers is on the inside (i.e colser to the centre of the drone than the outside of the drone) then the “Warning” writing on the 2 propellers below the “syma” writing will be upright and the writing on the 2 propellers above the “syma” writing will be upside down.

    • Liam

      This is a pic of the correct blade orientation

  • John Albright

    I finally figured out what that flat thing about an inch and a half long was for. DUH… plugs into usb for reading the card. Nothing in the book for it. Not even a picture of the thing.

    • Marty

      Thanks, I just got the drone and did not see anything in the manual about this. According to manual speak, “I was about to have a problem happened.”

  • Mike

    The manual needs help. Would one of the “pros” like to do a good translation? I would do it but I’m a newby. Thanks.

  • HoudiniDave

    From what I’ve seen elsewhere, this weighs .2 pounds, not 2 pounds. That makes a big difference since anything over .55 pounds needs to be registered.

  • Abhi Joshi

    I got the drone and even when I do the whole procedure with the transmitter and moving the left stick up and then down, the lights on the transmitter stop flashing, but the ones on the drone don’t. And it doesn’t even fly at all.

    • Joemama

      Try moving the drone away from the transmitter. Maybe 3-4 meters.

  • Andrii

    My NEW RC controller have not answer to the Drone Syma X5C, some body know how it connect together??? Many thanks for the answer!!!

  • Stan

    Would very much appreciate some help getting up and running with a new X5C-1 Upgraded Version. Can’t get the controller and quad to bind.

    Included battery for the quad has been fully charged. 4 new batteries in the controller. Fine tuning indicators all centered. Mode 2 controller (throttle on left), and display on controller indicates Mode 2.

    After turning on both the controller and quad, light flashes rapidly on the controller, and initially very rapidly on quad changing to a slow flash after 3 seconds.

    There is a beep when throttle is moved up and another beep when moved back down, after which the light on the controller quits flashing and remains steady but the lights on the quad continue to flash slowly, never staying steady.

    If either stick is moved the corresponding indicators in the display move as they should.

    Have tried turning the controller on first, quad on first, moving the throttle up then down fast, slow and everything in between.

    Any thoughts?


    • Matt Bennett (dehtrim)

      I know this is late; maybe it will help someone else. I initially had the same issue with the sync up. Make sure you have the drone below the remote transmitter. I found that if I put the left stick in 0 throttle position, turned on the controller first, then the quad(quad starts flashing fast), left the controller in the zero throttle position, I waited for the quad to start a slower flashing sequence, flipped the throttle to full on the controller then down to 0 throttle. The two synced up correctly. Once they were synced I pulled the left throttle and right flight control stick down to the bottom right corners at the same time. This set the quad to do a factory reset of it. I then was able to sync using the above sequence each time without a reset.
      Listed below for ease of use:
      Syma x5c-1 quad/remote tx sync
      1.) Put left stick in 0% throttle position(all the way down)
      2.) Turn on the controller
      3.) Turn on the quad(quad starts flashing lights fast)
      4.) left the controller in the zero throttle position
      5.) I waited for the quad to start a slower flashing sequence(could take a minute)
      6.) flip the throttle to full, left stick in 100% throttle position(all the way up)
      7.) imediately pull throttle back down to 0% throttle
      8.) Sync complete when both controller and quad lights are not blinking.

      repeat process as necessary(quad blinks when not synced up)

      factory reset of quad – per the manual
      1.) complete sync process.
      2.) pull throttle joystick and control joystick to bottom right corners
      3.) quad blinks fast then either stops and is already synced or will need to be synced again(both have occured.)

  • Joemama

    is there any way to change the camera’s photo resolution?

  • Stan Green

    I just bought the Syma X5c-1 and when I start the Qaud one blade turns and the lights blink real fast. I tried syncing it to the controller and its no help. Can anyone help me

  • Rick Mcleod

    My drone won’t lift straight up when I throttle it, I have it synced, any help out there

  • Rick Mcleod

    MY drone won’t lift straight up when it takes of . IF I’m not touching the steering stick it should ,right. I have it synced. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Govinda Soudager

    left /right function not working in my x5g stuntking please help me