The Ultimate Guide to DJI Ronin Gimbal System


When it comes to gimbal systems, very few can be mentioned in the same sentence as the DJI Ronin. This impeccable gimbal is seen in the hands of professional videographers, and on movie sets across the world. If you want to take the best video, this is a must-have system. Simply put: it’s meant for professionals.

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If you’re a pro or have a lot of money to spare, let’s see what this gimbal can do.

DJI Ronin Gimbal Specifications

  • Operation Modes: Upright, underslung and briefcase.
  • Controls: 2.4GHz remote control through USB or Bluetooth.
  • Assistive: Mobile assistive software is available.
  • Weight: Loaded with handbar attached, the weight of this system is 9.26 pounds.
  • Load Weight: Using a supported camera, the maximum load weight is 16 pounds.
  • Accuracy: Angle accuracy is within .02 degrees.
  • Control Speed: Pan of 90 degrees per second; tilt axis of 100 degrees per second; roll axis of 30 degrees per second.
  • Control Range: Pan Axis can be controlled for a full 360 degrees; tilt axis has an up of 45 degrees and a down of 120 degrees.

DJI Ronin Gimbal System Features

The specifications alone should have you dying for more at this point. The Ronin is very impressive and has been rated one of the best gimbal systems in the world. So, what can this impressive piece of machinery do?

Quick Setup

You shouldn’t have to dedicate an hour of your day to setting up your gimbal. Instead, DJI has made it so that the Ronin can be setup within just 5 minutes. This includes balancing.

Auto Tune Stability is built into this system to automatically tune the Ronin to your camera with the touch of a button.

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Tool Free Adjustment

Setting up and adjusting your gimbal is a breeze. Thanks to a built-in adjustment system, you’ll never need to break out your tools to adjust your gimbal. A simple setup change can be made for further control if balancing does not provide the absolute best shot.

Track Control

Tilt and pan movements are made simple thanks to the smoothtrack control feature. Wide-angle shots and close scenes are made easier as a result. Smooth and stabilized, tilts and pans will now allow for little quality loss and time spent during adjustments.

Operation Modes

Click on the image to learn more.
Click on the image to learn more.

Use the Ronin the way you want. There are three different operational modes that you must know about:

  • Upright: Perfect for trying to reach higher filming locations or to shoot over crowds.
  • Underslung: Perfect for a jib or crane. This mode is the default and remains at chest level, or higher or lower depending on your needs.
  • Briefcase: When you need to enter into tight areas, briefcase mode will allow you to make your gimbal compact and easy to transport.

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Second Operator

Need an assistant to help you create the perfect shot? A second transmitter is available that will allow another operator to control:

  • Pan
  • Tilt
  • Roll

You can also allow for SmoothTrack speeds and operational modes to be controlled by another user.


Worried about stabilization issues? Shaky videos are a thing of the past thanks to the 3-axis stabilization system. When the camera is rolling, the system will auto balance so that there is no visible shaking or degrading in video quality. When taking live action shots, you’ll see crisp, movie-quality video each and every time.

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Battery Life

Built-in protection against overcharging and depletion allow the Ronin to operate optimally at all times. The maximum operation time of 4 hours will depend on the attachments and total weight of the unit during operation.

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Aircraft Possibilities

If you own an aircraft, you’ll find that this gimbal can be attached using the quick release system. This allows for easy attachment and detachment. Due to the product’s weight, most drones will not be able to hold a gimbal of this size. Check the weight payload to see if your drone is up to the task.

What Users are Saying

Users find the Ronin to be a breath of fresh air to the community. With the ability to capture such high quality video and a price lower than the competition, the Ronin is definitely getting praise. However, there are a few concerns:

  • Starting weight. With a starting weight of over 9 pounds, this gimbal system is heavy and provides little room until you reach the higher payload weight. Ultimately, this limits your camera options.
  • The stabilization system works very well, but it does produce a slight buzzing noise. Unfortunately, there is no remedy to this issue.


The DJI Ronin is not for everyone, but it is for professionals. Supreme control and quality allow users to take clear, precise pictures from any angle they wish. A higher weight does put more strain when using upright mode, but with the proper attachments, it’ll be near impossible to find a gimbal system of this quality.

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  • Greg

    No way! My brother was just talking about this when I was at his house yesterday. He was showing me videos on it. This is amazing for people who love recording videos. Imagine how great this would be for someone with a Youtube channel that needs different angles. Love it! AND you only need one person to run it? SOLD!

  • Carl Jones

    Now this is a great option for those who are in college for film making or people who run Youtube channels. 4 hours is a great amount of time too. I was thinking it was going to say 2 hours max. I didn’t see a price but I am guessing this one is up there. I can’t knock it though. Such an amazing idea brought to life. The quality is A ++