The Ultimate Guide to Blade 350 QX Quadcopter

The Ultimate Guide to Blade 350 QX Quadcopter
Blade 350 QX Quadcopter

The Blade 350 QX is a mid-range quadcopter with dynamic flight modes and smart technologies.

With the ability to choose between a stable flight mode for aerial photos and agility flight mode for fun flight tricks, the 350 QX has some promising features that make it one of our favorite quadcopters on the market.

Blade 350 QX Features

The Blade 350 QX is packed with features that both beginners and advanced users will love, including:

  • SAFE Technology – Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope allows for a smoother flight even in windy conditions.
  • AP Mode – In the AP (Photography) mode, the 350 QX engages stability features that allow you to capture the best possible footage from your camera. Position holding abilities are also engaged, so you can lock into a precise location and altitude.
  • Smart Mode – Smart Mode activates the aircraft’s SAFE technology, which in turn engages the SAFE Circle feature (see below), stick relativity and AP mode features.
  • Stick Relativity – In Smart Mode, the Blade 350 QX cyclic stick moves right or left relative to the pilot’s position. In other words, if you move the stick left, the quad will move to your left regardless of what direction the aircraft is facing.
  • SAFE Circle – The SAFE Circle prevents the aircraft from flying too close to the pilot for added safety.
  • Stability and Agility Modes – When in stability mode, the aircraft engages its self-leveling characteristics for a level flight regardless if the pilot abruptly changes direction. In this mode, the GPS Position Hold is also active. When in agility mode, the aircraft will deliver a more exciting flight experience. Flips and other aerobatic maneuvers can be performed with improved stability.
  • GPS and Altimeter Technology – This feature allows the aircraft to hover in a specific position for aerial photography and for added safety.
  • Return Home Feature – With just one flip of a switch, it will return back to where it first took off.
  • Compatible with GoPro – The 350 QX has more than enough power to carry your favorite GoPro camera. The aircraft comes with an anti-vibration camera mount, so you can record stable and clear footage with each flight. Note: A GoPro camera is not included with your purchase.
  • Long Flight Time – This model has a 5-7 minute flight time.

Our In-Depth Look

When you take a look at the features this model has to offer, it’s easy to see why this is a best-selling product.

The product uses SAFE Technology, which helps improve flight experience and when in Smart Mode, prevents the aircraft from flying too close to the pilot (you). For safety purposes, this is a great feature.

The GPS and altimeter technology also prevent the aircraft from taking a nosedive if you let go of the controls. Instead, the aircraft will hover in its position.

For a beginner or someone using this quadcopter with their kids, these two features can save you from having an unexpected accident or injury. This is also a great feature for anyone who plans on using their quadcopter for aerial photography purposes.

The ability to switch between stability and agility modes means that you can use the 350 QX for a variety of purposes. If you just want to fly and perform tricks, the agility mode lets you do this with ease and still allows you to take advantage of its stability features.

If you want to take aerial photos, the stability mode will engage self-leveling characteristics that keep the aircraft steady and allow you to record the best possible footage.

Thanks to the added stability, you can enjoy a smooth flight even if it’s a bit windy.

We also like the Stick Relativity feature of the 350 QX. Part of the trouble with learning how to fly a quadcopter is getting used to the controls. If the aircraft is facing the opposite direction, moving the stick to the right would generally move the aircraft to your left.

This can take some getting used to and can be frustrating for new users.

However, with the 350 QX, the direction the aircraft moves is relative to your own position. If you move the stick to right, the aircraft will move to your right regardless of which direction it’s facing. This makes it easy for beginners to fly this quadcopter right out of the box.

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What Users Are Saying

Users also like the Blade 350 QX, but there were, naturally, some complaints as well. The biggest issue that most users have is that the manual really doesn’t provide you with enough information on how to fly and use the aircraft’s features.

Also, while the SAFE Technology certainly helps, it’s not completely foolproof. Crashes can still happen if you don’t know how to control the aircraft properly.

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The only gripe we had was that the aircraft only has a flight time of five to seven minutes. For the price of this quadcopter, we expected a longer flight time.

Also, the quadcopter does not come with a camera. This was a disappointment, but definitely not a deal breaker.


All things considered, we love the 350 QX. It gives you the option of choosing between stability and agility, so you can take photos or perform tricks with ease.

The controls are relatively easy to learn, and the SAFE Technology features give us peace of mind when we fly it. For under $500, this is a mid-range quadcopter that’s worth every cent.

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  • Thanks for sharing the gripes as well as the positives on this. Do you know when you might upgrade your ‘flight’ manual? I’d like to have a better one before I buy.