The PowerUp FPV Paper Drone Will Blow Your Mind


The PowerUp FPV Paper Drone

As a kid, you probably made at least a few dozen paper planes. Granted, you probably used most of them to annoy friends or disrupt class, but there’s still something nostalgic and fun about the paper airplane – except for the fact that it only flies a few feet before nosediving into the ground.

But what if you could extend the flight time of your paper airplane? What if you could see what your airplane sees?

With the PowerUp FPV, you can. This is the world’s first paper airplane drone with a built-in camera. And it will blow your mind.

What is the PowerUp FPV Paper Drone?

The PowerUp FPV is the first ever paper airplane that lets you control its flight while offering live streaming video and audio. Created by Shai Goitein, pilot and inventor, the PowerUp FPV is one of the coolest drones out there. Why? Because it literally is a paper plane with an advanced flying module attached. Neat, right?

To truly understand how awesome this drone is, you need to take a closer look at its features and how it works.

PowerUp FPV Features

PowerUp FPV Paper Drone

Although the PowerUp FPV uses advanced, state-of-the-art technology, its concept is very simple. A module attaches to a paper plane, and off it flies. You control the flight using your smartphone, and a small camera attached to the head of the module allows you to see your flight in real-time.

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You’ll feel like you’re riding on top of your paper airplane.

The PowerUp FPV offers:

  • Video recording capabilities
  • Live streaming video
  • Image capture
  • Super-wide angle camera
  • Audio recording
  • 30fps for up to 300 feet

The module attached to the paper airplane sends a signal to your smart phone, displaying streaming video of your flight in real-time. To bring the experience to life, you slide your smartphone into the head mounted display, so you can see exactly what your plane sees as it flies through the air.

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Controlling the drone is easy, too. Just tilt your head to the right or left to control the direction of the plane.

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The PowerUp FPV is capable of flying up to 300 feet into the air.

Head movements aren’t the only way to control the drone. You also have the option of using the gamepad manual touch control on your phone to control the plane.

Full autopilot and assisted autopilot features are also available. To initiate the full autopilot mode, all you have to do is press the external HMD button, and your drone will intelligently fly on its own.

The autopilot assist mode allows for easy controlling even when windy conditions are present. This mode also prevents spiral dives, stalling and crashing.

When you’re playing in gamepad mode, your smartphone will display important flight information, like air speed, battery life, compass, Wi-Fi signal, altitude, autopilot mode, the record button, FPV mode, and left and right motor power.

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The PowerUp FPV is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Technical Specs

The PowerUp FPV Paper Drone Tech Specs

  • 20 mile-per-hour max speed
  • Autopilot mode
  • Cardboard viewer for head mounted displays
  • Live video streaming
  • Wi-Fi streaming with a 300 foot range
  • Video and image capturing
  • Ultra-wide-angle camera
  • Nylon and carbon fiber reinforced frame for added durability
  • Built-in crash detection
  • Takeoff assistance

And because the module attaches to a real paper plane, you can create your own drone design. No matter whether you want faster speed, aerobatics or more control, PowerUp FPV puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to design.

What Users Are Saying

People love the PowerUp FPV. So far, the drone has received 1,571 backers on its Kickstarter campaign with $302,255 pledged so far. The original goal was $100,000, so the campaign has received three times its funding goal. And there’s still more than 30 days left on the campaign.

More affordable than traditional drones, the PowerUp FPV is sure to be at the top of everyone’s must-have list.

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