The Complete Guide to Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter


Hubsan X4 H107L

REMEMBER: This is the COMPLETE Guide to Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter! Photos, Videos and User Feedback INCLUDED! These Tips Helped Over 18,400 Readers of DRONEBLY!

Hubsan has a reputation for creating some of the best quadcopters on the market.

The X4 has been Hubsan’s major success story and provides the utmost in precision flying, a very low entry cost and a beautiful exterior that pops with vibrancy and is aerodynamically designed.

Before you run to the store to buy your very own Hubsan X4, let’s break down some of the best features and characteristics this quadcopter has to offer.

Features at a Glance

  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • Flight time of 9 minutes
  • 30 minute charge time
  • 6-axis flight control
  • 4-way flip
  • 4 LED night lights
  • Lightweight
  • 4 channel flight
  • 3.5 ounces in weight
  • Dimensions of 4.6 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches

Our First Impression

Upon unpacking the X4, you will notice that this is one of the smallest quadcopters on the market. In fact, for a time, this was the smallest quadcopter in existence.

Such a small frame would make you assume that this model is not up-to-par with bigger quadcopters, but you will be surprised from the first flight at how well the X4 is able to handle.

Lightning Speed

From the first liftoff, this model zips through the air with virtual ease. Nimble and speedy, this copter will soar through the air and ascend just as fast.

There is no hesitation seen with this Hubsan model which is what you would expect with a copter that doesn’t even weigh half a pound.
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Agile, Nimble and Stable

Fast speeds are not the best idea when you can’t come to a screeching halt or your copter is simply unmanageable.

Thankfully, high speeds are met with an agile and nimble flight, but you will need experience flying to get the most out of this model.

The 6-axis flight control is exceptional and works so well thanks to the gyro sensitivity. While you can’t fly this copter outside in a windstorm, it seems to glide through the air with mere perfection in light wind conditions.

The 4 channel flight is where the nimble and agility factor are really seen.

While you may be used to flying about with other copters, you will need to practice to truly perfect flight with this model.

Once you have mastered the controls, you can zoom 8 feet into the air in under a second and fly around with elegance and grace. Experienced pilots will also be able to hover in place before abruptly shooting forward through the air.

The 4-way flip design adds to the unique flying the Hubsan offers and allows for the following flips:

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Left
  • Right

Our experience is that this model works best indoors, but we were able to fly it outside with ease.

I would not recommend flying in heavy or moderate wind conditions due to the weight of this copter, but light to moderate conditions are easily handled.

Bumps and Bruises

With the lightweight design, you would expect this copter to crumble when it hit the ground or a tree.

To our amazement, we had a few minor crashes and nothing went amiss. The only part that we had to replace was a propeller, which is quite common.

During normal flight conditions, the Hubsan X4 can take a beating and never miss a beat. You will be amazed at how well such a small model is able to handle.


There is a learning curve to fly this copter appropriately. The beginner mode is much easier to fly, but the expert mode on the controller allows for true control and precision.

As a pilot, you will spend hours trying to master the expert setting and will definitely crash a few times in the process, but this truly unlocks the power behind the X4.

Battery, Charging and Extras

Battery and flight span will vary from one user to the next. After some time, batteries seem to start losing their charge faster, but we averaged between 7 and 9 minutes of flight time with this model.

Once the battery is dead, you can recharge it with the provided USB charging cable. Recharging takes just 30 minutes which is extremely fast compared to other models.

The latest version comes with 4 LED lights, one in each corner. These lights are very bright and allowed us to fly through the night sky with ease.

Awesome Video Reviews and Flight Videos
Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video
Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video
Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

What Others Are Saying

Rave reviews have been given to the Hubsan X4 with everyone saying the same thing – great product at a great price.

This is not a high-end copter, but it will fly through the air like one. Coming in at a price that is under $40, this is one of the best copters in this price range.

There have been over 380 reviews given with an average of 4.2 stars out of 5.

For the beginner or the expert quadcopter owner, this is a must-have model. The complaints that have been seen, by very few we might add, are:

  • Too difficult to fly for a beginner
  • Broken on arrival
  • Propellers need tightening

Some users have complained that their copter broke after crashing, but there is no telling what height their quadcopter crashed from, which can lead to problems.

If you are 12 feet in the air and smack into a tree, there is a chance of breaking a propeller on the way down.

We have spent a lot of time reviewing quadcopters in the past and this is one of our favorite models on the market. While there are some faults, like the learning curve seen with flying this model, what can you expect at this price range?

If you are looking for a copter that is well below $50, this is the model that gets our thumbs up.

It may not match the ease of use or durability of a $500 model, but it sure does hold its own.

After our initial tests, we even went out in windy conditions and found that this little copter was stable and powerful enough to hover and take turns regardless of gusts of wind coming its way. We, along with 240+ others, give the Hubsan X4 a 5 star rating.

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  • This is a good quadcopters. I keep one for when grandkids come over because they seem to have less trouble flying this one. It has proven to be sturdier then it looks and they like how fast it is. Also having this keeps them satisfied so they don’t want to fly my toys.

  • Simon G

    best bang for your buck this drone is quick top tip – fly it late in the afternoon so when you lose it the led’s keep going 4 hours youll find it later, i lost mine twice gave up then looked in the dark found it ! alternatively avoid trees !