SwitchBlade TriCopter: New MultiCopter Focused on User Experience

If you’re looking for a drone that focuses on user experience and adding value, the SwitchBlade may just be the right drone for you.

The SwitchBlade TriCopter was created by Vision Aerial, a Montana-based company. And while the inventor (Shane) poured his hard-earned money into this project, it was the drone’s Kickstarter campaign that really got SwitchBlade off the ground.

And the end result is nothing short of fantastic, especially if you’re into building and customizing your drones. It may not look as sleek and fancy as a DJI drone, but it’s completely portable, easily customized and comes equipped with advanced flight technology.

SwitchBlade Features

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The SwitchBlade uses advanced flight technology, but it also incorporates some great features that really add value to the pilot. Let’s take a look at some of this tricopter’s primary features:

  • Easily Customizable: All of the components of the SwitchBlade are right out in the open and easy to swap out. So, if you want to upgrade your tricopter in the future, you can do so with ease. With a well-engineered chassis, you can keep upgrading your copter instead of throwing it in the trash each time a new technology comes out.
  • Built with Safety in Mind: The makers of this aircraft claim that they’ve tested the full throttle brunt of the SwitchBlade, and while it wasn’t the best experience, they’re “no worse for the ware”. Safety is important, and a standout feature of the drone. But please, don’t try this same test at home.
  • post-7-Must-Have-Quadcopter-Accessories-for-Every-Drone-EnthusiastPortable: Most drones with this type of advanced flight technology are big, bulky and hard to transport from one place to another. The SwitchBlade breaks the mold with its collapsible design. Just fold back the spring-loaded arms and take your drone with you on the go. The arms stay in place thanks to powerful earth magnets.
  • Simple Design: There are only six movable parts with this tricopter (including the foldable arms). Mechanical tuning is virtually non-existent, which means you can start flying in minutes.
  • Durable Chassis: The aircraft’s chassis is made in the USA using CNC equipment. It’s constructed with stainless steel hardware, aircraft grade aluminum acrylic.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Just about every RC aircraft requires some sort of piloting skill to fly, and the SwitchBlade is no exception. But it’s still pretty easy to fly. You’ll only need about the same skill level you would need to fly an RC helicopter you’d find at a mall kiosk. Need to brush up on your piloting skills? Be sure to watch Vision Aerial’s instructional videos. And the SwitchBlade comes with a 2nd generation KK flight controller for simple flight control.
  • An Interchangeable Payload Deck: The SwitchBlade is a versatile aircraft that allows you to switch your payload in minutes. The deck is dampened to provide a vibration-free environment.
  • Longer flight time: The SwitchBlade is capable of flight times of 8 minutes or more, which is nearly double the flight time of other drones on the market today.

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But enough of the features, let’s get down the “nitty gritty”; the technical details of this drone.

  • 6in in size
  • 5000mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Open source APM
  • Switch between multiple modes, including acrobatic, auto-level, altitude hold, return to home, pre-programmed flights and position hold.
  • Precision Yaw with 1.8kg servo
  • Up to 4.4lb payload
  • 9 channel, 2.4GHz transmitter
  • 8 channel, 2.5GHz receiver
  • 3 balanced Slow Fly propellers
  • Electronic speed controller that’s programmable and SBEC heat sink cooled
  • 3 x 1,000 watt brushless electric motors

Four Versions Available

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There are four versions of the SwitchBlade available:

1. SwitchBlade

This is the core drone. It’s easy to use, easy to tune and its payload capacities blow the competition out of the water. Even with a higher payload capacity, the drone still maintains similar flight times. This MultiCopter is a great option for recreational and semi-professional users.

2. SwitchBlade-Chassis

The Chassis version is the airframe of the SwitchBlade. It features a high payload capacity and can even withstand corrosive environments. At the same time, the Chassis is easy to repair, portable and lightweight. This is the ideal option for DIY enthusiasts.

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3. SwitchBlade-Pro

The Pro rivals even the most advanced MultiCopters on the market. It comes equipped with carbon fiber propellers and uses the best GPS flight controller available: the 3D Robotics APM. And if you’re looking for a drone with multiple flight modes, this one has 14.

4. SwitchBlade-Style

The Style takes the Pro just one step further. You get everything that comes with the Pro version, but the Style comes with multiple color options (Red/White/Blue), ultra-bright lights and a custom laser engraving on the drone’s payload deck.

CLICK HERE for KickStarter Page The Official Website

If you’re looking for a tricopter that flies well, is relatively easy to fly, easily transportable and comes equipped with advanced flight technology, the SwitchBlade is the right choice for you. And with four versions available, you’re sure to find a MultiCopter that fits your budget and needs.

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  • Alee

    This thing is like a little transformer, lol. On a serious note, it is very impressive that it can easily be folded into something comparatively more portable. All the 4 versions sound amazing! I am having a little trouble picking one of them as all of them seem great!

  • Greg

    I prefer something on the smaller side but this is impressive. I like that you can easily fold and change the design without breaking it. That is great for taking along with you. I am not a huge fan of the outward design but I think this one is more about functionality than anything.