Quadcopter vs Hexacopter vs Octocopter: The Pros and Cons


Quadcopter vs Hexacopter vs Octocopter The Pros and Cons

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Multicopters are extremely popular. These drones or copters are seen on store shelves everywhere and they have become so affordable that they are on shopping lists worldwide. When looking to buy a multicopter, you’ll find that there are many options.

Terminology, such as quad, hexa and octo will be used as well as a few other, lesser-known words. What does this all mean? Let’s find out.

Quadcopter Features

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By far the most popular multicopter on the market. Quadcopters are fast, easy to manufacture and affordably priced. These copters utilize four propellers to ensure that the aircraft is able to lift up into the air.

Essentially, there is a 4 propeller layout in the design of a square or rectangle around the body.

The one obvious benefit is that with four propellers, the product has a lot more power to be able to lift off of the ground. This allows for more payload or overall weight to be added.

Drones often use this design simply because it can hold a lot of weight without raising the price of the product drastically.

A few of the pros that are seen are:

  • Relatively cheap to manufacture.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Powerful enough to add accessories.
  • Greater thrust and power versus tricopters.

Cons of a quadcopter:

  • Not as powerful as a hexacopter or octocopter.

For a hobbyist, the quadcopter simply makes sense. These models are readily available, easy to repair and they cost far less than their counterparts.

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Hexacopter Features

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A hexacopter is the next step up from a quadcopter. These models, as you may have guessed, have six motors and corresponding propellers. This adds to the capability of the aircraft and really makes this the optimal choice for anyone flying with expensive cameras attached.

Essentially, these models have all of the same major benefits of a quadcopter with a lot more added in.

  • Power: These models have higher speeds and more power due to the two extra motors included.
  • Height: Fly higher in the air than ever before. A Hexacopter reaches higher elevations with ease compared to its counterpart.
  • Safety: By having 6 motors 120 degrees apart, one motor can die while the rest pick up the slack. This means that a pilot will be able to safely land the drone even if one motor is damaged. For anyone coming from a quadcopter, this would be very difficult to do with less motors.

Some users can even lose two motors and still have the ability to fly their copter and properly land. The positioning of the motor will be the deciding factor on whether a person can fly or will end up crashing their drone.

You’ll also want to keep note that you’ll be able to carry a heavier payload, meaning you can use better cameras for recording, or heavier accessories.

The pros are:

  • Greater overall power, speed and elevation.
  • Safety provided through additional motors.
  • Higher overall payload.
  • Great control and flight speed.

A few of the drawbacks with this model compared to a quadcopter are:

  • Priced higher than a quadcopter.
  • Larger in size, making the copter harder to fly in tight spaces.
  • Motor parts are more expensive if they need to be replaced.

A hexacopter is a good compromise between performance and price. While more expensive than a quadcopter, these models fly exceptionally well and are far less expensive than an octocopter.

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Octocopter Features

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The best of the best on our list. The octocopter has all of the benefits seen with the hexacopters, but with even more power. These models are not cheap by any means and are often seen capturing the best aerial footage available.

If you’re a professional videographer, you may want to hold onto your hat because what the octocopter has to offer is simply stunning.

Design-wise, this copter features 8 motors and propellers. These 8 motors provide the same benefit that the hexacopter provides over the quadcopter:

  • Speed: Much faster than the competition.
  • Control: Terrific control that is not hindered as much by wind or rain.
  • Safety: You can lose any one motor and still fly these copters just as well as you could a hexacopter. Furthermore, you may be able to lose 2 or 3 motors without the craft crashing down, depending on positioning and the overall payload.

If you plan on strapping a $1,600 camera to your drone to get truly vivid imagery and video, you wouldn’t want anything else aside from an octocopter. These aircrafts are made for flight and have true engine control and stability.

The pros of an octocopter are as follows:

  • Very fast and agile.
  • Reach exceptionally high elevations.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Can hold heavy camera equipment.
  • Very safe and stable.

The cons, some of them already mentioned, are:

  • Big in size.
  • Expensive compared to the hexacopter and quadcopter.
  • Battery life is often far less.

Price and battery life are a concern. Newer models will have higher flight times, which is ideal. However, first generation models would have their batteries drained within 10 minutes and would require immense charging times.

The overall battery life will depend on the overall payload, flight conditions and flight actions that are taken.

If you want a copter that can withstand heavy wind and can carry the best-of-the-best camera equipment, the absolute best choice, right now, would be to choose an octocopter.

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Verdict – Which One to Pick?

So, what’s the right model for you? This is a rather difficult question. The following points should be kept in mind before purchasing:

  • Quad: These models are inexpensive and less durable. Perfect for beginners and non-professionals.
  • Hexa: The ideal choice for semi-professionals or hobbyists that want a very durable, steady-flying copter that can carry heavier weights.
  • Octo: The top of the line. These are copters that have a high price tag, but they are powerful, stable and fast. Advanced functionality and stabilization features make an octocopter a must-have for professionals.

As the prices of hexacopters and octocopters drop, you may find models within your price range. If you do, these are the preferred choice over a quadcopter.

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  • Shelly

    I love that you lined these up. All three are great drones but to me, the Quad is the best option. It may not be the strongest, fastest, or most powerful, but I am still new to drones. I don’t like spending a whole lot on them. I have damaged a few already and was so disappointed. Thanks for lining up the specs for these! Very helpful 🙂

    • Alee

      That is actually a very good option. I have been collecting and using them for a long time and or a beginner, that is a great choice.

  • Alee

    GPS enabled? That is something cool. The videos captured are amazing so it means that the camera is of good quality. The design is also very user-friendly. I like this!

  • Alee

    GPS enabled? That is something cool. The videos captured are amazing so it means that the camera is of good quality. The designs of all of them also very user-friendly. I like quad the most!

  • MontereyJack

    Hexacopters are definitely my favorite – as you say, they are indeed very durable, steady and suitable for both hobbiests and semi-professionals. I´m happened to be a proud owner of this flying beauty:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrbpgF4dQf8