Quadcopter and Drone Manufacturers: The Ultimate List


List of Drone Manufacturers and ProducersThe quadcopter and drone industry is constantly evolving with new manufacturers coming and going.

As technology continues to advance and the cost of these UAVs continues to decrease, we’re sure to see more manufacturers in the near future.

In the mean-time, here’s a complete list of quadcopter and drone manufacturers, including some lesser-known names.

3D Robotics

3D Robotics (3DR) UAV platforms for both professionals and consumers. Their drones allow users to take aerial images, map areas, analyze data, survey and create 3D models. Some of their best-selling products include the 3DR IRIS and DIY Quad Kits.

AAI Corporation

One of only a few companies that designs and manufactures unmanned aircraft systems for the Department of Defense. The company manufactures the Shadow 200 Tactical UAS systems, which was used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aerosight Innovations

Aerosight manufactures civilian UAVs and FPVs, like the Observer V1 and the HUGO Multirole Q4.

Aeryon Systems

Aeryon manufactures small multirotor UAVs for commercial, public safety, military and government use. The SkyRanger and the Scout are the company’s flagship UAV systems.

Ares RC

Ares RC is known for the Ethos QX, Ethos FPVand the micro-copter Ethos PQ as well as several other UAVs.


Armattan manufactures multicopter DIY kits and frames for DIY enthusiasts.

Aurora Flight Sciences

Aurora Flight Sciences is the designer and the manufacturer of Skate, a small UAV system. Skate is used for military, law enforcement and preservation purposes.


A subsidiary of Horizon Hobby, Blade is known for a wide range of RC quadcopters and aircrafts, including the Nano QX and the 350 QX2.


A full-service UAV company that creates UAV systems for Earth observation purposes.

DJI Innovations

The most popular name in hobby quadcopters. DJI is the manufacturer of the Phantom 2 and the new Spreading Wings S1000.


Draganfly is the manufacturer of the X6 and considers itself the most respected UAV with thousands of successful flights.

Droidworx Limited

Droidworx Limited creates UAVs for aerial photography, cinematography and hobby. Their most popular copters include the SkyJib Series, XM Series and the CX Series.


Estes makes quadcopters and various other RC aircrafts. Their most popular quadcopters include the Proto-X and the Dart.


Foxtech creates quadcopters, octocopters and multirotors. They also offer DIY parts. Their most well-known copters include the Devourer 130, the Mantis and the K130.

General Atomics

General Atomics manufactures some of the most famous UAV systems, including the Predator A, B and C. Their UAVs are primarily used for military purposes.


Hobbylord is known for the Bumblebee aircraft as well as the ST series of multirotor aircrafts.


Based in China, Hubsan is another well-known name in the hobby quadcopter industry. They produce the SpyHawk and the X4.


Based in Shenzen, China, Idea-Fly manufactures several multirotor aircrafts, including the Storm-800, Apollo and the IFly series.


A subsidiary of Boeing, Insitu manufactures several UAS systems for professional use, including the Integrator and the ScanEagle.


Based in Bangkok, jDrones designs and produces UAVs for hobbyists, the military, government and law enforcement.


A subsidiary of the German company HiSystems GmbH, Mikrocopter manufactures UAVs for aerial photography and cinematography.

Northrup Grumman

Another leader in the UAS industry, Northrup Grumman manufactures the Global Hawk and several other systems. Their systems are primarily used for tactical and national security purposes.


A French company that produces UAVs for both military and hobby purposes, including the S90, U130 and NX110m.


Parrot is a leading manufacturer of civilian drones and the famous AR.Drone 2.0 and the new MiniDrones. This French company was founded in 1994 and is one of the most popular drone manufactures today.

Photo Higher

As its name suggests, Photo Higher produces UAVs designed for aerial photography, like the Halo 4 and the FlyingFox.


Makers of mini and micro UAV systems, like the Maveric, Hex Mini and Hex.


senseFly is the creator and producer of the eBee and the swinglet CAM. The eBee is primarily used for survey mapping.

Syma Toys

Syma Toys is another producer of well-known civilian drones and quadcopters, like the X1, X6, X5C, X4 and the X7.

Team BlackSheep

Manufacturer of the Zephyr wing and the TBS Caipirinha FPV. The makers of this FPV aircraft started manufacturing after gaining a large following on YouTube.

UAV Factory

UAV Factory is the maker of the famous Penguin B, which holds the record for endurance with 54.5-hour flight time recorded.

Vanguard Defense Industries

Vanguard Defense Industries develops and produces UA systems for military, law enforcement and commercial enterprises. The ShadowHawk is the company’s most famous system.


Walkera is another Chinese creator of quadcopters, like the QR Ladybird and the QR X350 Pro, and other UAVs designed for FPV recording.

XAircraft America

XAircraft is a smaller producer based out of South Carolina. They produce quadcopters that are ready to fly and come with FPV recording capabilities. They also offer DIY kits. Their X650 Pro is the company’s flagship model and is capable of taking high quality video.

Xpro Heli

Xpro Heli is a respected manufacturer in the UAV industry. Their XPX is a heavy lift quadcopter designed for aerial photography/cinematography. They also offer several training copters and DIY kits.

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