Parrot Jumping Sumo Minidrone: You Will Love It!


Sometimes, flying is just not enough fun. When you want a drone that does it all, the Parrot Jumping Sumo Minidrone comes close. You won’t be soaring into the skies with a boring liftoff ever again. This tiny drone can actually jump thanks to its unique design.

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So, just how high can this drone jump? Let’s find out.


  • 4 ounce weight
  • 6” x 5.1” x 8.1” dimensions
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 5 foot jump height
  • Three colors: white, black and khaki
  • 20-minute battery life

Features and Design

Using a mobile device, you’ll need to download the FreeFlight 3 application (for free of course) to fully control your drone. Once you have your app installed, it’s time to take to the streets and try this amazing drone out for yourself.

Roll Design

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Two large wheels keep the body of the drone off of the ground so that you never have to worry about damaging the core body.

Once thing to remember is that this drone doesn’t fly. Instead, it’s more like a remote controlled car that has been given really awesome features and is near indestructible.

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The design of this model is meant to ensure that you always land on your wheels. When jumping, you’ll land right on your wheels so you can traverse the rest of the room without worrying about the drone getting stuck.

Rolls and turns are lightning fast. If you need to make a sharp turn to avoid an obstacle, you can do so with insane precision.

Moving forward and backward, you can roll up to 2m/s. Dog in your way? A single swipe of your finger will turn this bad boy 90 or 180 degrees as you see fit. For the utmost in control, it doesn’t get any better than the Jumping Sumo Minidrone.

Jumping Sumo

With jumping in its name, this drone can take to the sky in a whole new way. Let’s face it, piloting a quadcopter is a lot of work. What’s unique about this drone is that you couldn’t fly it even if you wanted to. What you can do is jump into the air and make your way around the house or outside in a fun way.

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A jumping system allows you to hit a button to propel this unit into the air. Maximum heights are 2.5 feet, but some users have stated that they have exceeded this number.

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Users can preload the springs for timed jumps, but most users will use the preloaded modes for jumping. These modes are:

  • Jumper
  • Kicker
  • Auto-balance

When the product lands, it will be on its wheels. Now, you can simply go to your next destination and cause mayhem all along the way.

Road Plan

Actions can be programmed into what is called a “road plan.” What this does is enable this model to follow preprogrammed actions or movements. As the manufacturer states, “you can make your Jumping Sumo dance.”

If you want to follow the same path or impress your friends, this is definitely the feature you’ll love most.

Sumo View

Not the real name for the feature. What I like to call Sumo View is the user’s ability to see exactly what the Jumping Sumo can see. Through your mobile device, you’ll be able to connect directly into the Sumo’s built-in camera. You don’t need to be in the same room as your drone either.

This camera features a 640×480 resolution that allows you to have a FPV of what is in front of your drone. Want to capture photos or videos? You can do this. All that’s needed is a micro-USB drive attached to your mobile device. Unfortunately, this item does not come with the product.

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Battery life is rather long with a 20 minute lifespan. Many users had issues with the battery life, but you will need to ensure the battery is fully charged before riding for the first time.

Some users have disconnected and reconnected the battery allowing for extended battery life. In this case, it seems as if the battery may have wiggled itself loose, or the user had put it in wrong.

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Overall, the battery issue is an easy fix and one that should not deter anyone from trying out the Jumping Sumo for themselves.

The one thing we almost forgot to mention is that the tires can be adjusted. If you want a more agile drone, you can pop the tires inward compacting the drone. Ultimately, this will allow for faster speeds, but it will remove the drone’s stability temporarily. Advanced users will find that the wheels popped in will allow for better control. If you’re a new user, the wheels being popped out will provide overall better stability.

When it’s time to have fun and you don’t feel like flying a conventional drone, the Jumping Sumo is one of the best alternatives on the market.

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  • Dan

    I hopping drone!? Now I have seen it all! This is amazing. The height it can jump is perfect for tricks and reaching different heights. Not sure I would have named it “the parrot” though. I mean, I own a parrot and the only reason he “hops” is because I keep his wings trimmed. LOL This is amazing though. I will be looking into it more.

    • B Hamilton

      Yeah, I was going to agree – grasshopper or something like that would have been a way better name 🙂

  • Carl Jones

    Watching the video demonstration, my mind is blown. I have yet to see something this cool. I hope to see more like this one in 2015. I enjoy the flying ones but this one, I am in love with the controls. Tilting the screen to see different areas, the ease of controls.. Just perfect. I will be sharing this one with everyone at work tomorrow!

    • Alee

      I was going to say the same thing! This was an amazing collection of such devices.

  • Alee

    This is beyond awesome!! I literally watch it again and again because I was so mind blown! They have some amazing features and all of them are incredible! I want them all!

    • Missy

      What I like best about the new drones coming out is that they have all have the features of the old drones that were so cool with they were introduced, plus a few new innovations every time. Drones just keep getting better and better!

  • Alee

    Both of them are incredible. I thought the ones with flight were amazing, but they are equally awesome! The design is not only very sleek, but very attractive too!

    • Pebbles

      It is a very nice design, isn’t it?

  • Raz

    This would be awesome to take out on the trails with me, to document my hiking expeditions. Since it is so easily maneuverable, jumping over fallen logs and rocks would be a cinch!

  • Fuse

    Not meaning to get too technical on this, but what’s the battery life for this hopping drone as compared to flying? I’d imagine that it would last a lot longer, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.