OMG: Video of DJI Phantom 2 Attacked by Police Helicopter


The Video Description

Flying your DJI Phantom 2 can land you in trouble. While laws are very relaxed in most areas, one pilot found out that sometimes, law enforcement will not take kindly to flying your drone around.

The video starts on a beautiful day in Virginia. Flying over Great Falls, the video depicts a beautiful afternoon.

The Phantom 2 flies perfectly over the falls with a crystal clear view of the water rushing through the rocks. It’s a pristine sight, and you can see kayaks being rowed through the water. A peaceful sight.

With such high elevation, this is a rarity that would not be able to be captured in any other way and is a unique look that is not easily described. Majestic, breathtaking and magical best describes the view that is seen.

For the first 3 minutes and 40 seconds, the pilot gets clear shots of the beautiful trees, wildlife down below the copter on the rocks and even kayakers struggling to move an inch forward as the force of the falls pushes them back. At the 3:40 second mark in the video, something odd happens.

You can hear the sound of bigger copter blades in the distance before being alerted that the park’s police have flown their helicopter above the DJI Phantom 2 in an effort to push the copter into the running water.

More amazingly, perhaps, is that the pilot was able to withstand the helicopter’s force. Eventually, the helicopter tries to push the quad into the water again before it pulls back to stay away from viewers.

As the drone heads back to the owner, you can see the video close as park police are standing next to the pilot.

This is a lesson that even a Phantom 2 cannot fly in a no-fly zone no matter how small it may be.

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  • odddave

    Virginia cops are Nazis. I don’t see how anyone can stand to live there.

  • Sharon Diaz

    That’s wild! I can’t believe the police came after the helicopter. You weren’t even doing anything harmful with it. I don’t understand that at all.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Sharon, yeah right, its really wild. There are laws, you know. You just cant fly on all the places you want.

  • Gabriel

    I was hoping the drone filmed a little bit of the talk the guy had with the police. Anyway, the camera on this thing is amazing! So clear and it can fly so far away from where you are! Definitely worth the money as you can even make a documentary from above if you wanted to!

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Gabriel, thanks for stopping by. Yup, the camera looks pretty slick!!!

  • Samuel

    I think it’s actually a good idea to have such no-fly zones because you go to a park to relax not be filmed or photograph by strangers. I am curios if the owner of the drone got a verbal warning or had to pay a fine for flying in this area.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Samuel, I do agree with you. Imagine you fly a drone into a military zone. What might happen??

    • Samuel,

      Respectfully I call BS. Here’s why, I’ve been to parks (State and National). Why does the altitude of the camera that is taking a picture matter? When I’m at Yosemite, I see everyone everywhere taking pictures of scenery. Same with Yellowstone. Same with Rocky Mountain National Park. And at each place I KNOW FOR A FACT I have been photographed. It is part of SHARING the park. You use it for what you want to, I use it for what I want to. No one complains when the camera is 4 or 5 feet off the ground, put it on a drone and make it ten feet off the ground and everyone looses their damned minds… I have no disagreement with letting the Park service know, “hey, I’m going to be filming with this drone.” Even give them the serial if they ask. But that should be the end of it. And this asshattery, where we try to intentionally and unnecessarily damage equipment…. WHY? Is the ego trip that impressive? No, I’m sorry, if that drone was being used for threatening purposes, it would have happened faster than you could respond. This is just a power trip on video over something that shouldn’t have been a thing to start with.

  • Brayden

    I couldn’t believe that this drone was so powerful to withstand that aerial attack from a police helicopter! It truly shows that the DJI Phantom 2 deserves its price tag: not only does it take video in HD quality but it also very resistant to powerful winds. Great video, thanks for sharing!

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Brayden, that Phantom is an awesome machine. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Alex London

    Firstly, the DJI Phantom takes some incredible footage. Secondly, I had no idea how powerful it was, it can stand up to a police helicopter! I wonder if the owner got to keep the drone or if Virginia State Police have a new aerial unit!

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Alex, thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  • David Adams

    Yeah that’s quite interesting. I don’t know why they’d go so crazy over a drone flying over the great falls. Why couldn’t they just find the guy who was doing it and tell him to take it down? Oh well, glad everything worked out. Anyone should check up about flying restrictions when they fly these drones, just in case.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey David, I totally agree with you, you should always check out the flying restrictions.

  • Emily Simms

    Really cool video. It’s so cool seeing how the DJI phantom can take so much resistance from the police helicopter. I think they overreacted, but I suppose that can happen. From the sounds of it, the guy flying it was arrested, which I find to be quite dumb, but I suppose he’ll have to fly it in an area that is allowed.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Emily, thanks a lot for taking your time and commenting in here.

  • Martin

    This is why we all need to watch out when it comes to flying our RC heli’s or drones. It’s a risk because so many areas seem to become restricted or are. I’m glad this guy’s drone is safe, but next time it’s best to make sure it’s safe.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Martin, yeah right, its an expensive thingy.

  • Brian Vickers

    Oh wow this video is so cool. It’s exciting to see this drone withstand the police helicopter. Anyone I own I doubt could handle such chop. Anyways, I might have to look into this drone now that it’s so powerful.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Brian, its Phantom 2. Mighty beast.

  • Now that is wild. Busted for taking pictures of a water fall. I wonder what was the outcome. Did they charge the pilot with anything and if so what it cost to get out of it. I also wonder if the drone is going to end up in a Virginia Police auction.

    • Mike Gortolev

      I think they fined him. Not sure though.

      • Your honor, if I pay this fine, will the money be used to educate those officers in what the definition of “risk” is?

  • myrose sorcera

    Oh, that was really sad. I thought owning a drone will allow us to fly it to almost anywhere since it can be used for spying. Anyway, we can fly it to anywhere as long as there is no police and authorities around who will catch us if we really want to simply spy around. I think in there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of nature because we all own the beauty of the nature. The police group in Virginia is too alert to notice that flying drone!

  • Coach Wagner

    Poor guy! I wonder what happened after he’s been confronted by the police. I hope he still has his drone with him and not confiscated by those police. The DJI phantom has awesome features that can make owners of them enjoy and have fun while using these drones.

  • shaun wright

    That would be a good time for a top mounted camera that could have caught more of the action! Beautiful scenery though and the footage that was caught before he got shut down is beyond words!

  • Larry G

    Well, to be honest that was his fault. You should always ask for permission and check the legality of your actions. Everyone knows how trigger-happy people are about drones, it’s not that hard to ask if you can fly your thing or not

  • DC

    That’s such a shitty situation, it’s unbelievable that they are allowed to try and destroy such an expensive piece of equipment without even contacting its owner first :/ Ask questions, shoot later damnit, people pay money for those!

  • Rand

    Well, although it was his fault for not asking if he could use the drone, the police acted a little too forcefully. In the end, it’s a piece of expensive equipment, don’t try and destroy it before assessing if it’s dangerous or not jeeze

    • Shelly

      I agree! They over reacted and that is a shame. Drones aren’t cheap and I highly doubt he was up to no good. If anything, they should have found who was flying it before reacting the way they did. I think some cops have an ego trip and feel the need to say and do as they please. Blek.

  • Britanica

    I have to agree that he should have gotten permission BUT I think to just shoot it was a bit much. I am always shocked by how people act on both sides of situations like this. One one hand, you have an innocent guy would was just flying a drone for fun – the other hand, you have the law enforcement who are paid to protect us. These things go both ways.

    • “you have the law enforcement who are paid to protect us.”

      Uhm, no. That’s a myth. Law enforcement is LAW ENFORCEMENT. They are paid to enforce law. There is absolutely NOTHING that happens to a law enforcement officer that fails to prevent you from being killed. The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times on this. If you have a court order of protection, and the person you are to be protected from shows up to attack you, and the police do nothing, so what. YOU are responsible for YOUR safety.

  • I can’t believe that they would try to push it into the water. Would they pay for the damage, or replacement of the device had they destroyed it? How would you know you couldn’t use something like that in the park to begin with? Sheesh!

  • charlygree

    I agree with AJ how would you know if you were in a no fly zone in the first place? I guess you just have to ask. But who? Oh well, I won’t stress over it too much since the best place to fly near me is an open pasture. I seriously doubt anyone will freak and send the police after me there. Interesting post. I appreciate someone describing it, since I couldn’t get the video to download.

  • Warren Pister

    To risk a multi million dollar helicopter to enforce a no fly zone in the manner the pilot carelessly attempted is an abuse of public property and authority. Too many things can affect the path and safe operation of a helicopter that the pilot must accept responsibilty for. Regardless of not having sought permission to fly an r/c toy in a public area. The whole aspect of what is a drone and what is a recreational toy must reach a point of legal definition. A frisbie flys and some can really stay aloft along time. You can fly a kite with cameras into the path of air traffic.. so lets get this fixed.

  • Vova Andrienko

    Cops in Virginia just bored, because nothing really happenes there at all! Thats why its such a big deal for them, they spent thousands of dollars to get this Helicopter into the sky, just to scare or take down a TOY! (I know its not really a toy but comparing to giant helicopter its a TOY!) cant imagine shit like that happaning in Russia for example, they wolud just shoot it down, but definitely no heavy artillery like heli, also DJI Phantom costs around 1000$, who would pay for it if cops woud take it down to the water?

  • Raymond Armstrong

    Of course your drone is registered and has it’s FAA number on it so if it goes down the FAA can come to your house and charge you so you have to show up in court in front of a judge. Drones are a pedophiles and peeping Toms best friend. It’s people like you who think they are above the law that have caused the entire radio controlled model airplanes to now be called drones. No cameras on these balsa wood models but they have to be registered with the FAA and are now considered a drone. So to thank you for what you have done anytime I see or hear a drone I’ll make sure that it gets reported and if possible a picture of the operator and their automobile license plate number to go along with the complaint.

    • The Bernd

      Hmmm, I think people like you are the problem.