Meet Anura: A New Drone Designed for The Masses

Everyone wants to get their hands on a drone, but there are only a few options out there for everyday users. Most are complicated to use, and really expensive.

To top it off, most drones are hard to carry around.

Click on the image to learn more.
Click on the image to learn more.

And if you want one with a camera, you’re talking about carrying around a big bulky drone, a large transmitter and a host of other accessories just to capture a few video clips from the sky.

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Anura scales the average drone down to pocket size – literally. It’s not much bigger than a smartphone, and it’s beginner-friendly.

And unlike other mini quadcopters, this model comes equipped with its own micro camera.

The drone’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than $150,000 with almost a month to go until the campaign ends. Let’s take a closer look at this drone’s features to see if it really is the drone for everyone.

Anura Features

Meet Anura A New Drone Designed for The Masses

Anura is only a little bit bigger than the iPhone, so it can easily slip into your pocket. What makes Anura even more awesome is that it was created with a 3D printer.

It’s completely controlled through a smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android), and you can even view a live preview of the camera footage on your phone too. This means that you can say good-bye to big, bulky transmitters. Plus, the controls are simple and easy for even inexperienced users to learn.

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Because it’s pocket-sized, you can bring your Anura with you everywhere you go to capture life’s best moments as they happen. Its rotors-fold in, making it easily transportable.

The next time you’re out with your friends or stuck behind someone at a parade, you can whip out your drone and capture the action.

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When you’re ready to take off, the rotors fold outward and make Anura ready for flight. It’s like the Transformers you played with as a kid – but way cooler. And just to be clear, you probably don’t want your kids playing with this.

Its feature list is pretty impressive for a mini quadcopter:

  • Wi-Fi allows you to control your copter and stream live video to your smartphone.
  • A built-in FPV camera allows you to capture video and photos of your flight.
  • Compact, pocket-sized design for easy transport.
  • 10 minute flight time.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity of 60 – 90 feet.
  • HD 720×1280 dpi camera.
  • Weight: 4oz.
  • Top speed: 25 mph.

Additional Features for Reaching 1,000 Units

  • Follow Me functionality
  • One click return home
  • Auto take-off
  • Automatic landing

Meet the Makers of Anura

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The makers of Anura, AeriCam, are no strangers to the drone market. In fact, they have five years of experience in the manufacturing of drones used for film and video production.

You may have heard of the Helicam (which retails for a whopping $19,000) and the AeriCam X6 (which also retails for over $10,000). Both of these drones are offered by AeriCam, but they’re both out of reach for the everyday person.

AeriCam’s goal was to create a drone that’s accessible to everyone and available at a reasonable price. Anura is the solution.

But the developers are looking for help from you, the masses, to help make this goal a reality. That’s why they started their Kickstarter campaign, and so far, the campaign has been a huge success.

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With 28 days to go (as of 11-21-14), the campaign has received 715 backers and raised $151,404. Their original goal was $100,000. It’s safe to say that funding for the Anura project has exceeded expectations. With such success so early in the campaign, you can only draw one conclusion: everyday people want a pocket-sized, easy-to-use drone. And they want one sooner than later.

Click on the image to learn more.
Click on the image to learn more.

Part of the success is thanks to all of the exposure this drone has been getting. Anura has been featured on:

People are interested in Anura, and they really want to get their hands on their own mini quadcopter.

Curious to see Anura in flight? Check out the promotional video for this pocket-sized drone.

What You Need to Know

Want your own Anura drone? You’ll need to wait. The drone is still in development stages, and the Kickstarter campaign won’t come to a close until late December.

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AeriCam was aiming for a minimum of 500 backers so that they could offer Anura for the cool price of $200.

They’ve already reached this goal, but the Kickstarter campaign states that this mini quadcopter will retail for $275.

If you hurry, you can pledge $195 for the Kick-starter Special and snag your own Anura, complete with a battery and charger.

As far as user experience goes, no one has really had the chance to test this drone yet.

There’s been a decent amount of media coverage, and you can see the drone in flight during the promotional video.

With so many days left on the Kickstarter campaign, the Anura is still in its development stages and new features have yet to be added.

CLICK HERE for KickStarter Page The Official Website

But from what we have seen, the Anura looks like it’s going to be a game changer. It’s small size and easy controls make it ideal for the everyday user. It really is a drone for the masses and the gadget that will be on the top of everyone’s holiday list in the coming years.

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  • Greg

    Such an amazing design. I love anything that can make my camping and road trips more entertaining while fitting into my back pocket. I so gotta get one of these. I know a buddy of mine that would love one for rock climbing. A pledge of $195 ain’t bad to get one of these drone.

  • Shelly

    $200 isn’t bad for what this little drone can offer. Being able to just stick it in your pocket, purse, or bag while on the run gives people the ability to catch things on the fly. A person can easily get close to a building that is on fire so many stories high to see if anyone is in there still. The only down side is that you can fly is for 10 minutes.

    • Dan

      I didn’t even think of using this for a safety tool or something we can use to save lives. That is an amazing idea. I see so many drones on the market now but the way this one is easily portable has the one up over so many. For the right person, this is a perfect drone!

  • Carl Jones

    For the price, I was shocked how much is packed in this little one. The speed its great but not good for someone new to drones. I can see someone breaking this drone in 3 minutes unless they are in an open field. And I agree with the other comments, compared to so many other models, $200 is low. I was expecting it to be closer to the $350 range.

    • Alee

      I was expecting it to be even more expensive when I saw it first. lol.

  • Alee

    I can’t believe it is so accessible! I mean just look at it! It can easily fit into the pocket and looks amazing too. I am absolutely loving it! This is something that will sell like hot pies!

  • charlygree

    I’ve wanted to learn more about drones, and a friend recommended your site. It looks like you’ve packed a lot of good information in here. Like I said, I’m new to this and would like a suggestion for a good starter drone. After reading this post I think the Anura could work and the price is certainly right. Are there other models that are better for beginners?