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alpha drone

The Alpha is truly something special in the drone industry. Meant as a form of security, the Alpha offers video and audio while providing 3D maps directly to your smartphone.

You’ll be able to charge this model wirelessly, and it’s completely autonomous, allowing for the utmost in security.

This is a current Indiegogo project, and the developer is hoping to raise $100,000 to back the project.

Alpha Specifications

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Nighttime vision
  • 20-minute flight time
  • 400 feet range
  • 700-gram weight

Alpha is a drone with a unique purpose: security. According to statistics, 97% of home alerts are false.

When someone is potentially breaking into your home, it would be great to have a way to look around your house to see what’s going on. Not only will this ensure that you can enter your house safely, but it also provides proof that someone is breaking into your home.

Audio and video will be captured for the utmost in security.

The Future of Security

Still in the development process, we haven’t been able to find any information about people that have actually tried this model hands on. What we do know is that the developers state that Alpha is the future of security.

How This Drone Works

alpha drone 2

Alpha is a more sophisticated version of a drone that you’d find in stores. This model uses sensors that you place strategically around your home or property. When the sensors are triggered, Alpha will lift off and perform a perimeter check to find the assailant.

All of this is done for you in real time, and you can even communicate with the system.

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Lights will flash down on the intruder, and a pre-recorded message can be played. Audio and video will be streamed right to your smartphone. You’ll be able to talk directly into the app itself, and this will be broadcasted directly from the drone, alerting the intruders that you have them in your sights.

Everything will be recorded in real-time so that you have your proof when the cops come.

Qis Wireless Charging Receiver

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When the drone is done detecting an intruder, it will fly back to its charging port, which is a Qi wireless charging station. Using magnets, your drone will be charged wirelessly and ready to go the next time an intrusion occurs.

Security never sleeps, and now your drone won’t either.

Flight is done autonomously. You’ll set up perimeters using Galileo sensor nodes you place around your property.

Utilizing the latest in camera and GPS technology, your drone will fly around the unit without entering into another person’s property or going outside of the zone. This ensures that your drone can fly properly without ever hitting an object in the process.

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And remember that this is all done through a motion sensor that Galileo offers. You never have to engage the drone on your own if you don’t want to.

While charging is done wirelessly through 16 different transmitters, you also have the option of plugging the unit into the wall to charge it faster. Using a low-illumination IR camera, this unit will be able to see in the dark and detect unwanted guests.

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During the day, the unit will switch into high definition mode, capturing footage at 1080p.

Video is recorded at all times, and snapshots can be taken. A microphone allows you to hear what the intruders are doing and saying while flight time is a long 20 minutes.

Burglaries happen every 15 seconds in the United States, and Alpha can help you protect your home or business.

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