Hey, the Ziphius Aquatic Drone Looks Super Cool


Hey the Ziphius Aquatic Drone Looks Super Cool

Ziphius may be another Kickstarter-funded drone, but this water-loving gadget is unlike any other machine you’ve seen. It doesn’t fly – it swims. Yes, Ziphius certainly wins the award for the most adorable drone with its fin-like appearance, but its functionalities and capabilities are actually quite impressive.

Let’s take a closer look at this aquatic drone and how it can change the industry.

The Ziphius Aquatic Drone Features

Ziphius is unlike any other machine on the market today. It’s not designed for flight like most other products. It feels most comfortable in the water, and it packs some great features into an adorable package.

  • Click on the image to learn more.1 hour of playtime.
  • A range of 300 feet. Ziphius’s dorsal comes equipped with sensors that scan the environment around it to pick up on the signal from your smartphone or tablet. It has an impressive Wi-Fi reach of 300 feet, depending on the environment and the strength of your device’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Easy sharing. It allows you to share photos and videos of your adventures on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly.
  • A top speed of 6 MPH. Ziphius is fast and powerful, reaching a top speed of 6 MPH. This is thanks to the drone’s high performance turbines.
  • Curious. This machine features an HD camera with a 160 degree tilting angle that allows you to see both above and below the water’s surface. The included LED light enhances the vision even in dark areas of the water. The HD camera records in 720p.  
  • Fun games. Ziphius connects to a user-friendly app that allows you and your aquatic friend to enjoy fun adventures together. It also features autonomous behaviors, so you can play catch or dance with this machine. When used with augmented reality apps, you can enjoy fun gaming scenarios with your drone.
  • Always upright. The optimized design ensures that it always stays upright – even in rough conditions.
  • Adorable. The design was inspired by nature and can even mimic emotions. This is accomplished through the programmable LED lights on the drone’s dorsal fin. So, it may blink bright colors like green, pink, blue or white.

How this Drone Works

post The Ghost Drone Pure Awesomeness Controlled by Smartphone
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Ziphius is controlled through your smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Not only can you control the movements, but the app also allow you to play with AI-based apps and augmented reality games.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Establish a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Place it in the water.

You can use it in the ocean, rivers, lakes, streams and even pools.

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When the initial version is released, it will include a remote control app that will give you some basic functionality, like controlling the drone’s direction, taking photos and recording video.

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Another app will also be rolled out that allows you to take advantage of the augmented reality games and the autonomous behavior of this machine.

The creators also plan to develop another app that will explore the personality traits of the drone.

If all goes well, you can turn your it into a ninja, a pirate or even an acrobat.

Ziphius Outfits and Uses

You can use it for more than just fun in the water. Fisherman can use it to scout out the water, and Ziphius makes a great companion for surfers and sailors. If you want, you can simply use it to take beautiful nature photos in a whole new way.

awesome ziphius apps

If that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with this little machine, you’ll also be happy to know that you can dress up your drone any which way you please. The body comes with two main parts, and one of those is a replaceable outfit.

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You can choose from a wide range of shapes and colors (although only yellow will be available initially), but you also have the option of using the outfit to diversify the drone’s applications.

So, you may find a Ziphius outfit with a cup-holder, an adaptor for your GoPro camera or even a shark fin. The possibilities are endless.

An Affordable, Autonomous Drone

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Ziphius is the fact that it exhibits autonomous behavior and can act independently from its user. The fun augmented reality apps also allow you to use and interact with your drone in a whole new way. Up until recently, these machines were typically used for aerial photography and videography. Now, we’re seeing them used in new and more practical (or fun) ways.

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Another unique feature that benefits this drone is its colored LED lights. These are meant to express emotions, which really lets you empathize with the gadget. It’s like having a family pet, but without the mess or added responsibilities. It will happily follow you wherever go and capture fun moments with just the touch of a button.

When we first heard about Ziphius, we imagined that the cost would be similar to, say, DJI’s Phantom 2. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the pre-order price of the standard edition is just $269. This is exciting news simply because this puts this aquatic drone well within reach of the everyday consumer. Come summer of 2015, we may just see plenty of Ziphius machines floating in beaches and pools all over the world.

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  • myrose sorcera

    I definitely agree that this water drone is super cool! I hope I’ll my hands
    on it soon! Kids will surely love it because they can play with it while
    playing in the beach. The LED lights make it more awesome and revolutionary.
    The apps that can foster interaction between the user and the drone is one of
    its great features which make it worth buying and collecting particularly for
    drones collectors

  • Coach Wagner

    I also wish to get my hands on it soon! It’s really surprising to know
    that the pre-order price is only $269. With its affordable price, I’m
    almost sure that it will soon land on my hands. I will bring it to the
    beach and have fun with it. I’m sure my kiddos will enjoy playing with it
    too. The product really put the drone industry into new and unique

  • sarahevanston

    That’s cool, but I think I would want on that could actually pull me through the water as well. Does this have a camera mount or will it be built in? And what kind of clarity do you think it would pull in underwater?

  • Willard Jackson

    I actually contributed to the Kickstarted and got one of the first of these babies. I use it for my underwater photography to get multiple angles aside from what I shoot myself. I even sold some photos done with Ziphius.

  • Barbara

    Hmm, interesting! It has a lot of applications that’s for sure: photography, marine biology, swimming competitions, fishing and so on and forth. I wonder if they’ll make a lightweight, cheaper version for amateurs if it picks up more

  • Britanica

    Well now I am torn. I thought I wanted a flying RC but an aquatic one!? I watched the video and this one sounds very good for the price. Most average cameras cost around $300 so this is like getting more bang for your buck if you need a water safe camera. I will definitely be looking into this little guy! lol

  • Isabella

    AQUATIC DRONE? People are really pushing the boundaries. I like the fact that it has multiple functionality and is going for what i would consider a pretty fair price. It will be interesting to see what other modification of the drone innovators have up their sleeve.

  • Joe

    I would love to see a drone that can make the transition. I am sure they are working on it! They have them cars that switch into boats now. Imagine having a drone you can take with you while camping where you can go up in the mountains and down by the lake for some fishing!

  • Annie Marie Peters

    It can be controlled from your tablet?! Sign me up for the pre-order. Next summer, I’m going to be swimming with Ziphius!

  • That’s really rather clever. But to control it on your tablet or mobile would mean you can’t be in the water with them at the same time right? I think next Apple need to make a fully waterproof phone then it will catch on more because it will be available to more people. There was a waterproof drone for sale on dronelistr.com that is very similar. Way cool.