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What’s the one thing everyone complains about when flying quadcopters? Short flight times. This drone here is going to make a huge leap forward in terms of battery life, trust me…

The Easy Drone XL Pro is hoping to change all that by offering one of the longest flight times in the industry. Made by Easy Aerial Inc., you’ll feel like you’re flying forever with this new advanced drone.

What is the Easy Drone XL Pro?

The Easy Drone XL Pro is a modular drone that offers three times more air time than any other quadcopter on the market today.

In fact, this drone can fly up to 45 minutes with a GoPro camera. And it’s capable of carrying a professional camera with a decent-sized lens on a gimbal.

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Essentially, the Easy Drone XL Pro offers the longest flight time and heaviest payload capability in the consumer drone market.

But long flight times and heavy lifting aren’t all this drone has to offer.

Easy Drone XL Pro Features

Easy Drone XL Pro

The Easy Drone XL Pro is built from aluminum and carbon fiber, which makes it incredibly durable. Let’s face it: no one wants to invest in a drone only to have it break in a crash two days later. This won’t happen with the Easy Drone XL Pro.

From motor to motor, the Easy Drone XL Pro spans 28” and uses 15” propellers. Despite this, it only weighs 3 pounds and is capable of fitting in just about any sized travel case. It’s ideal for traveling, which is exactly what you want to do with your drone.

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While it’s larger in size, the Easy Drone XL Pro has the same features that smaller drones have, including:

  • Follow me
  • Autonomous waypoint flight through smartphone or tablet GPS controls
  • Auto return home and other fail-safe options for safe landing
  • Built-in video transmitter

In addition, the Easy Drone XL Pro features a shutter control on the drone’s remote. It works with all types of gimbals, too.

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Just because this is a mod drone, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated to put together. In fact, it takes just one minute to put the Easy Drone XL Pro together, and you never need to use a single tool. All gimbals and cameras are attached using a snap-on solution.

It’s All About Flight Time

Easy Drone XL Pro Flight Time

A while back, Easy Aerial created a Kickstarter campaign for the original Easy Drone, and the XL Pro is a more advanced version that improves on some of the issues users had with the original. Naturally, the longer flight time is the biggest improvement, but the new drone still retains the same size and modular design of the original.

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What really makes the Easy Drone XL Pro so impressive is the fact that it offers the longest flight time and can lift the heaviest weight, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Even though it has most of the same features that high-end, professional drones have, it’s still available at a consumer-friendly price (under $2,000).

User Feedback

The Easy Drone XL Pro launched in September, and thus far, people are loving it. The original Easy Drone developed a big following, and the XL Pro is on track to do the same.

But with 45 minutes of flight time and the capability of carrying a camera, it’s really no surprise that people love this drone.

The Easy Drone XL Pro easily reached its goal on Kickstarter, and both professionals and amateurs are using this drone on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking for a drone for hobby uses or as a professional filmmaker, the Easy Drone XL Pro should be at the top of your list. After all, where else are you going to find a drone with a 45 minute flight time?

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