Fatshark Dominator HD FPV Goggles: What You Need to Know


Fatshark Dominator HD FPV Goggles What You Need to KnowFully immersed flying is something that pilots have wanted to do in the past, but were never able to.

Using an RC plane or helicopters, users can now fly through the air thanks to the Fatshark Dominator HD FPV Goggles.

These goggles allow you to enter the pilot’s seat and truly take control of your plane like you have never done before.


The Dominator HD has the following specifications:

  • DVR support
  • 800 x 600 resolution
  • 43 channel support
  • Stereo output

Meant for FPV, the Fatshark Dominator was highly anticipated and fun right out of the box. Included are plugs, adapters, a carrying case and a battery, which allow for immediate use once everything is put into place on your RC.

As far as features are concerned, the HD offers the following:

Field of View and Resolution

A major upgrade. The field of view and resolution allow pilots to see clearer and offers a wider view as a result. This allows for crystal clear viewing when flying. A 45-degree field of view is present, and the LCD screen seen inside of the lenses allow for great color and clarity with great brightness seen.

The Goggles are 2D and 3D compatible.

A neat feature is that you can fine-tune the lenses right underneath the eye ports to adjust in or out and really center in on your eyes.


Not only is the head strap easily adjusted, there are soft rubber eye pieces seen. These pieces ensure that when you have the goggles on, they are comfortable at all times.

The rubber also reduces all external light to allow for a truly immersed experience without any outside distractions in the process.

Button Controls

Buttons and controls are seen on the top and bottom of the goggles. This allows for easy adjustments when flying and will not require you to remove the goggles in the process. A few of the options seen are:

  • Channel Select: This setting allows you to use an up and down button to scroll through the goggles available channels.
  • Volume Select: If you choose to hook the device up to a gaming system, you can change the volume setting.
  • Input Port: A PS/2 data port is available.
  • Brightness: Near the channel selection, it is possible to adjust the brightness level of the goggles.
  • DVR: On the top of the set, you will find a full control knob for DVR playback, recording and stopping.
  • Earphone: There is an earphone port.
  • HDMI: An HDMI port is available.
  • IPD Adjusters: Mentioned briefly, users can change the IPD to ensure they have the utmost in viewing at all times.

The controls are very intuitive to use and are placed perfectly on the headset so that you can still pilot your device, yet you will be able to change controls effortlessly.

DVR Recording

Not only can you see through your drone’s camera in FPV, you will be able to record the entire experience and play it back whenever you see fit.

By using the controls mentioned before, you can start and stop recording and even view playback right inside of the goggles to relive the fun again and again.

What I found most accommodating about the Dominator is that it allows for:

  • MicroSD support of up to 32 GB
  • 30 FPS compression is enabled
  • SD card upgradable

As you can see, you will be able to record the entirety of your flight and do so at a rate of 6 Mbps with a flawless 30 FPS playback.

Head Tracking

The head-tracker can also be adjusted and is located at the top of the goggles. The Trinity Head Tracker can be used and slipped right into the device. This is deemed an accessory and will need to be inserted by the user.

With the Trinity, the hardest part is the setup. You must follow the instructions precisely when trying to setup Trinity in hopes that it will operate accordingly.

Great Video Overview from YouTube User



  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Perfect resolution
  • Easy to use
  • DVR recording is easy
  • Button control


  • On the expensive side
  • Head tracking takes time to master

The Fatshark Dominator HD FPV Goggles provide an entirely new way for you to fly your drone or quadcopter. Fatshark has truly went to new heights with the Dominator HD with improvements easily noticed.

The white color scheme used on this model was provided after user feedback of the goggles causing sweating and getting hot. Aesthetically pleasing, these goggles are awesome to look at and even better when in use.

As you adjust your goggles accordingly, you will notice that the clarity and field of view are unreal.

The best part about the Dominator HD is that you can take them anywhere. The manufacturer even includes a carry bag and all the cords needed to use this device effectively.

Once you have flown with the Fatshark Dominator HD FPV Goggles, you will never want to pilot another drone or quadcopter without them again.

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  • This looks super interesting! I can definitely see this drawing in even more people who haven’t been interested in drone piloting before.

  • Jordan

    I love that you can fine-tune the lenses so easily! I watched a video and you can adjust in or out and see much better! And the 30 FPS playback looks really awesome; with 32 GB you could film a LOT and that makes me want the fatshark dominator goggles even more. As soon as I can raise the money, I’m getting them!

  • Mike

    WOW! I want a pair of those goggles! Man, I can’t even imagine having the opportunity to see everything my drone films in real time! Just awesome! Thanks for including a video in here; it was like I was flying that drone. The quality of the video seems great and I also love the fact that they made them white!

  • I think this is one thing that will make a difference in the way I look
    at RC flying. There is real challenge in the beginning to learn how to
    fly but once that was accomplished I found out that I didn’t use my quad
    near as much as I did in the beginning. I know this will add that
    excitement back in and because of being able to see where I am going I
    will be able to fly around obstructions that I could not before.

  • jon terns

    These things are amazing! If the only cons are that they are expensive and they take some practice, sign me up! These look like so much fun!

  • matt n

    Can this be used with any quadcopter or is it just meant for a certain brand or model number? I can think of so many ways to use this and with it having the dvr feature, there are so many more!

  • Britanica

    I question the safety of newer technology like this. After the scare with cellular radiation, putting something that close to the eyes and brain worries me a bit. Is there any information on health concerns of using these things? They are a great idea, I know a few people who would love them, just not me personally.

    • Brad

      the headset is a receiver. the transmitter putting out ‘radiation’ is the controller in your hand, and the video transmitter on the drone (which sends the video back to the goggles)

  • Annie Marie Peters

    The LCD screen on this is awesome! Really, the resolution couldn’t be any better. It’s picture perfect!

  • Joe

    This is something I can get in to! Talk about a game changer. I just hope the wrong people don’t start buying these! I can imagine some peeping toms using these things to spy on neighbors or ex’s.Haha But yea, I do love the concept behind this. The only downside is the cost.

  • Alee

    Is it actually for real? I mean it is unbelievably awesome! I see they are expensive, but I can see why. This is actually pretty amazing! I so want to try a pair of these!

  • Alex London

    Wow – I didn’t know I needed a pair of these until right now, incredible. The quality looks amazing in the video.