Discover Nixie, The Tiny Wearable Quadcopter

Nixie is a tiny, wearable quadcopter that’s ready for flight anytime, anywhere. This “gadget” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

When not in use, Nixie can be worn around your wrist just like a watch. When that photo worthy moment arrives, you can pop the copter off of your wrist and it’s ready to fly.

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If you want to capture your adventures while mountain climbing, biking, hiking or just want to achieve a new perspective when taking photos with friends, Nixie allows you to do so in a whole new, hands-free way.

While this copter is still in development, it has generated quite a bit of buzz already.

Features and Specs

Nixie’s straps unfold to create a flying quadcopter that can take aerial photos and videos of you and then fly right back to you. It offers you a whole new way to take selfies in a hands-free manner that is sure to impress even the biggest techy.

The tiny wearable drone features a rotating camera in the middle of its body to capture photos and videos from unique angles and perspectives.

Because the drone is still in development, very little information about how the copter is controlled has been released. From what we can see in the promotional video, it looks as if the camera will be controlled through your smartphone.

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Hey the Ziphius Aquatic Drone Looks Super Cool
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Like many of the drones being developed today, Nixie will offer autonomous flight. In other words, the drone will fly on its own without any input from you, the user.

The promotional video also hints at it being able to follow the user and will return to the user on command.

No details on the battery life or technical specs have been released yet, but users will be able to switch between different modes to get that perfect shot. Modes include continuous movies, selfies and panoramas.


Nixie is the brainchild of Christoph Kohstall who wanted to create a drone that you could actually wear. Along with a team of experts in physics and design, Christoph created Nixie. The team has since become finalists in Intel’s Make It Wearable Challenge.

If the team should win the contest, they would be awarded $500,000 to help turn their concept into a reality. The winning team will be announced on November 3, 2014 at the Make It Wearable finale event.

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At this point in time, the quadcopter is still being developed and only a prototype is available. It’s difficult to speculate what the cost might be to own a Nixie simply because there’s nothing to really compare it to.

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We’ve seen quite a few tiny drones being developed and marketed for consumer use as of late, but this one changes the game.

While most of these drones are very tiny, they still need to be put into a backpack or purse of some kind when carrying them from one place to another.

Nixie straps right on your wrist like a bracelet or wristwatch. It’s by far the most portable drone concept we’ve ever seen.

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Because it hasn’t really been tested by anyone in the public or media, we still have no idea how well this thing flies or what its limitations are. In the promotional video, we see a woman rock climbing at great heights and effortlessly sending her drone off into the air behind her to capture the moment.

It’s exciting to see such a fantastic drone concept that truly does make it easy to capture any moment at any time. Even if the developers do not win the contest, you can bet that investors will be lining up to see this project come to fruition.

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  • Johhny Man

    I want this yesterday, it’s so cool! The drone industry has been working very hard lately and more and more creative ideas are surfacing; now I just have to wait and see what’s worth my money and what not. I just got my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter with integrated FPV camcorder last week and it’s the best thing ever!

  • Samuel

    Man, this is perfect for a selfie on top the mountain after a long climb! If the battery life is decent, Nixie could have a great selling point, it’s the perfect accessory for all tech geeks. Keeping my fingers crossed, hope these guys win and start working on the final design.

  • kevin

    Sorry folks, but I can’t see this working. Even if they manage to make it to fly, chances are the battery will prove useless and you could capture just a few snaps. I don’t mind them proving me wrong, but I don’t think their concept is well thought off and I can bet you this thingy will be highly overpriced.

  • Britanica

    Now this I like. But as others have said about this drone, the battery may be less desirable. I would love to use this while exploring nature, how cool would it be to have your own personal camera man with you while you do what you love!? I like this idea a lot. If this one does well, I will be purchasing it!

    • Shelly

      Yes the battery seems a bit meh. I love that is can be easily taken around anywhere but the price for this weak of a battery seems a bit much. How much can one do in that short amount of time? I am sure they will upgrade and update it in the years to come but for now, this is one I will wait on.

  • Joe

    This is amazing. What would make this a sold drone for me is having a digital clock on top. Make it a watch and drone all in one! I am a mountain biker so something like this would be amazing for my YouTube channels. This enables explorers to be better entrepreneurs! Looking forward to seeing how this fairs.

  • Annie Marie Peters

    This is the first I’m hearing about Nixie. It’s a very unique concept. There is a lot of potential here for changing the photography world!

  • Higgins

    People are really taking innovation to the next level, this, if made fully functional and available to the consumer is to say the least, revolutionary. Nixie is an awesome idea whose time is coming soon.

  • DroneNerd

    Nixie looks really awesome, even though it is a bit small I am liking it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Heather

    I didn’t realize it was that small! Now that I watched the video you posted I see just how tiny it is! Super neat, but would people really spend that much on one?

  • Alee

    I saw this in a movie once and it was completely awesome. This design is way better than the one I saw and even more accessible!

  • Alex London

    This would be awesome! If they can get the battery life and range right it really would be revolutionary. It’s great to see companies truly pushing the boundaries like this!

    • Carl Jones

      That is my only complaint with the model! The battery is not good I wont be buying one. If they can double the battery life without weighing it down, this thing will take off. I can see kids, adults, anyone enjoying this drone. I need something that lasts long enough to find my spot for pictures.

  • Greg

    I love the idea behind this one. I was reading about it a few weeks back and it sounds like they are heading in a whole direction of their own. I can see this being beneficial for all types of people, including students. I would have loved to have one when I was in college! I can’t wait to see what they make in a few years!