Definitive Guide to Altura Zenith Drones ATX4 and ATX8


What would happen if you used a 3D printer to create your own drone? This is exactly how the Altura Zenith was born.

The Altura Zenith is the latest release from the Dutch company Aerialtronics, and this revolutionary unmanned aircraft was made through 3D-printing.

And according to Aerialtronics, this drone “beats the unbeatable.” That’s a bold statement to make, and the drone has some pretty big shoes to fill if it’s going to beat out the most advanced drones on the market today.

After taking a quick peek at the Altura Zenith’s features, it becomes clear that this is not your ordinary civilian drone.

Altura Zenith Features and Specs

Right off the bat, this drone offers some impressive features:

  • 45 minute flight times
  • 9kg payload
  • Tablet controlled
  • Can withstand winds up to 14m/s
  • GPS-assisted flights
  • Fail-safe system integrated into the drone
  • 4 or 8 Brushless motors
  • Quick-release battery tray
  • 16” propellers
  • LED color direction indicator
  • Stable and lightweight landing gear
  • 3k carbon materials that are aviation grade

What’s interesting about this drone is that’s incredibly lightweight, compact and flat.

There are two versions of the Altura Zenith: ATX4 and ATX8. The ATX4 is all about longer flight times, and the ATX8 is all about heavier payloads. Let’s take a closer look at the specs for each version.

Altura Zenith ATX4

The ATX4 is all about endurance. It features a 4.6kg take-off weight and boasts a payload capacity of 1.4kg.

With a 22.2V, 16,600 mAh battery, the ATX4 offers flight times of up to 45 minutes. You can fly this drone in winds up to 9 m/s and in just about any weather conditions, including light snowfall and rain.

The drone features a max cruise speed of 20m/s and average cruise speed of 5m/s.

And with GPS/altitude hold and an auto go home feature, the ATX4 is easy to fly. You can even control the camera angle, zoom and shutter directly through the drone’s radio controller.

Altura Zenith ATX8

If you’re looking for a heavy-lifter, the ATX8 will not disappoint. It features a 2.9kg maximum payload and 5.6kg take-off weight.

And if you’re thinking that a higher payload capacity will drastically reduce your flight times, think again.

The ATX8 still boasts a maximum flight time of 35 minutes. It can fly through winds up to 14 m/s and in most weather conditions. Its average cruise speed is on par with the ATX4 at 5m/s.

The ATX8 does offer more as far as controls are concerned. Unlike the ATX4, the ATX8 offers automatic take-off and landing features.

It also comes with the auto go home feature as well as GPS waypoint navigation for precise flight path control. Direction lock, GIS mapping and camera point of interest are all included.

Plus, you can view more telemetry than the ATX4. The ATX8 allows you to view the:

  • GPS latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • System state
  • Flight mode
  • Flight time
  • Battery usage, and more

Flight Controls

The Altura Zenith allows users to control their drones through a tablet or a joystick RF control. The touchscreen tablet is an intuitive controller that’s easy to use.

Most of the drone’s standard functions (like automatic take-off) are already programmed. GPS waypoints also allow you to create precise flight plans with ease.

But if you’re looking for more precise controls, you can use the joystick RF control. The RF control gives you complete manual control of your drone.

Form here, you can manage the payload, flight path and the camera’s functionality.

The RF controller is best suited for professional videography and photography because it allows for such precise handling.

Plus, the controller allows for altitude control, position hold, go home, automatic landing and specific camera controls.

And for even more precise handling, you can add an extra controller. This allows one person to pilot the drone, while the other person controls the camera’s functionality.

Let’s Talk Payload Options

The Altura Zenith features a 3-axis gimbal that includes vibration dampeners for the ultimate in stabilization. And your payload options are varied with this drone.

Equip a DSLR camera, thermal imaging sensor, multi-spectral cameras, microphones, video cameras and more. You can equip any camera you choose, so you’re not tied to just one make or model.

What Others Are Saying

The Altura Zenith is a really impressive drone, but we’re kind of disappointed that it’s hard to get any information about how to buy one. It’s hard to find reviews too.

After doing a little digging, we found out why no one is really talking about their experience with this drone – no one can afford it.

You won’t find any information about the price of this drone on the company’s website, and you won’t find it for sale online anywhere.

If you’re interested in buying this drone, you’ll need to request a quote from the company through their website.

According to the RC Groups forum, Aerialtronics is selling the ATX4 for between $23,000 and $32,000. The ATX8 is being offered for $30,000 to $42,000. It’s safe to say that this is not a drone for the everyday user.

But for true professionals in need of an out of the box solution, the Artura Zenith is a smart investment.

Its advanced flight controls, fantastic flight times and heavy payload capacity make this a great option for those in need of a professional solution.

Want to see the Altura Zenith in action? Check out this video of a recreational test flight.

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  • Alee

    I am working on a I.T project where I have to construct a 3D image of my university. Something like Google earth, but on a very lower scale. I believe this will be perfect, but it seems it is pretty expensive and there aren’t many reviews available either. That’s sad :/ I hope I find out more about this.

  • Greg

    That first video make me feel like I was watching a Halo intro or something haha! Love this model. It looks like it had a great system of control and stabilization. As Alee pointed out, it does seem a bit pricey will little valuable feed back on it.