Bionic Bird Drone: Things You Have to Know

Love the idea of having a drone, but hate the idea of having to fly a multicopter? The Bionic Bird may just be the drone for you.

It’s the world’s first bird controlled by smartphone, and the only furtive drone for civilians that’s inspired by biomimicry.

And when you see this thing fly, you’ll be amazed by just how real it looks. Even other birds in the sky think the Bionic Bird is real. If you’re thinking of pre-ordering this one-of-a-kind drone, here’s what you need to know.

What is the Bionic Bird?

The Bionic Bird is the dream of inventor Edwin Van Ruymbeke. As the world’s first furtive drone for civilians, the bird looks and behaves just like a real bird would.

In fact, while in flight, your Bionic Bird will attract the attention of other friendly birds flying in the sky.

Thanks to its smart body and wing design, you don’t have to worry about predator birds destroying your drone. It can even withstand abuse from curious cats.

And even though this bird is not recommended for kids 10 and under, seeing the drone in action is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.

If the realistic flight of the Bionic Bird is not enough to impress you, just take a look at its features.

Bionic Bird Features

The Bionic Bird gives you the chance to fly like a bird – and the drone really does look just like a bird flying in the sky.

Its wings flap, and with the flick of the wrist, you can have your bird doing aerobatic tricks in the sky. It’s bird-friendly and can even be flown indoors.

It is ultra-lightweight, and its elastic foam body is virtually indestructible. Its flexible wings absorb shocks, so you can fly freely without worry that you’ll destroy your bird.

When your bird’s battery runs low, a magnetic egg charger will charge it back up in less than 12 minutes.

The great thing about the egg charger is that it’s completely portable and offers 10 complete charges. The egg itself can be recharged in just one hour.

But to really understand just how impressive this drone is, you need to take a look at its technical specs:

  • Ultra-light weight of just 9.2g
  • Powerful motor with 1.2 watt output
  • Patented 1:36 Reducer
  • Precise power control
  • Overheating protection
  • Gliding finesse
  • Adjustable tail angle that allows for fast or slow flights
  • 6-minute autonomous flight at full speed
  • 5 minute maximum flight at normal speed
  • Onboard 50 mAh hybrid lithium polymer battery
  • Short circuit protection
  • Wing deformation steering control
  • 1,000m range
  • Powered by Bluetooth technology
  • Multi-player system
  • 2 flight modes: expert and easy
  • Touch throttle controls

To truly appreciate just how awesome the Bionic Bird is, you need to see it in action. What’s really impressive is that the bird is controlled by your smartphone.

The Flying App

The Bionic Bird is controlled by the Flying App. At this point in time, the app is only compatible with iOS devices, but an Android version is expected to be released in February 2015.

Inside the app, you have the option of choosing the flying mode (easy and expert) as well as the language of the app, sound controls and more. You can even name your bird and use the app to find your bird.

Using simple controls, you can change the altitude and the glide direction to truly take the bird’s flight into your own hands. The video above demonstrates just how simple and intuitive the app is.

The Bionic Bird Evolution

The Bionic Bird is expected to be released in March of 2015, but the developers aren’t stopping there.

Their goal is to continue developing the bird to add new features and abilities. Here’s what you can expect from this drone in the future:

  • A third channel and an Android update is expected in spring and winter of 2015.
  • In spring of 2016, Stationary Flight will be added.
  • In winter of 2016, a live video feature will be added, so you can see what your bird sees in flight.

The developers are also working on motion controls, which they hope to add by winter 2016. This will allow you to control your bird using your bare hands via a connected wristband.

The Bionic Bird has an exciting future in store, and there’s been quite a bit of excitement about this drone. It’s yet to be released, so there’s little feedback from the community as of yet, but the development team has already raised 508% of their goal on Indiegogo.

Part of the appeal of this bird is that it’s easy to fly and it comes at an affordable price. The Bionic Bird is expected to hit store shelves in March 2015 and will retail for just $150.

And if you contribute to the campaign right now, you can get your own Bionic Bird before Christmas for just $100.

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  • Kevin

    Had no idea something like this was in the making! It’s incredible that it can withstand powerful shocks and is virtually indestructible. I think it’s great for beginners and pros alike. At $150 this is going to sell like hotcakes and I’m going to get one for my kid! Can’t wait for this to be available for purchase!

  • Sebastian

    Too bad this can only fly for 5 minutes ! I was expecting at least 15 minutes, but if it’s going to be that cheap, it’s worth it. I think anyone will be able to buy one and the skies will be filled with bionic bird drones. I can’t believe this is so light! Just 9.2g? Are you kidding? How can it be so light and still so resistant?

    • Alee

      I was thinking the same thing that how can it deliver such a smooth slight being that light? I guess they really did an amazing job with it!

    • Ziggy

      The flying time is the only downside that I can see. Maybe they’ll come out with another addition or an upgrade down the line?

    • Flayme

      I really hope they will improve the flight time. I was expecting at least 10 or 15 minutes too!

  • Stanley

    It’s impressive that the battery can be recharged in just 12 minutes and that the egg charger is portable and offers 10 complete charges. I also didn’t expect it to have such a range (1,000m)! When you first see it in a video you don’t think it can fly that much and have such an endurance. When that cat attacked it I thought it would break in hundreds of pieces.

    • Bart

      I actually cringed when it came to that part of the clip! But, if it’s made for cats, then it’s sure to be able to withstand a crash or two, making it awesome for a novice or a kid as well.

  • Alee

    $100? That’s it? This is amazing!! Christmas is coming up and I will surely buy a few of these for my cousins! This will make in interesting game. I don’t see a problem with the 5 minutes flight time as it only takes 12 minutes to charge. This is a great gift!

    • Norman

      At that price, it’s actually an accessible gift that won’t bankrupt anyone, or embarrass anyone else. Plus, it will be tons of fun to take out on Christmas afternoon 🙂

  • Greg

    WHAT! For that price, you got me. I am going broke reading this blog. LOL This one is amazing just for the simple fact that I can play with my cats outside with it. This is a must for a cat lover. Imagine all the benefits a cat can gain from being able to hunt a life life bird!

  • Shelly

    Only 5 minutes? I was sold up until I saw that. That is a downer. I am sure they will improve them with time but this is by far my favorite drone I have yet to see. I would like to get one for my son. We just got him a cat a few months ago and he LOVES playing with her. She would likely love this bird drone as well.

    • Manuel

      I really wouldn’t mix an expensive toy like this with a cat… that’s an easy way to blow some money fast!

    • Carl Jones

      Same here. I still would love to get one. I can’t show my cats this though. I have some indoor/outdoor cats who know how to hunt. I have seen one climb a try and catch a bird in mid air! No thanks! This will be all for me and my enjoyment. Such a great design.

  • Ryan Levine

    It doesn’t really have the best flight time right now, but in my opinion that is trumped by an extremely fast 12 minute charging time. Definitely quick enough to make flying the drone an all day affair.