AirDog 101: Guide to The First Auto-follow Drone for the GoPro Camera


AirDog 101 Guide to The First Auto follow Drone for the GoPro Camera

AirDog brings what every sports enthusiast has ever wanted to life. Using a GoPro Camera, AirDog is able to capture you during your most epic sports moments in real-time. If you thought you could do this before with the help of a friend, it is completely different than anything you have ever seen. Instead, the AirDog is hands-free and will capture your epic moments as they happen flawlessly.

How Air Dog Works

AirDog started as a kickstarter program with a goal of raising 200 thousand dollars. Now, there has been over 1.3 million dollars pledged to the mass manufacturing and perfection of this project. Created by sports fanatics, this quadcopter offers a truly unique way to film yourself.

The Wrist Band

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You will need to attach and wear the accompanying wrist band during your video. This band has all the controls needed to launch the drone and get it into place. This same wrist band puts out signals to the quadcopter.

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These signals allow the copter to always know exactly where you are and effectively follow you without any other input needed. As long as you are wearing the wrist band, the copter will follow you no matter what you are doing.

The band also allows you to:

  • Change the altitude to your liking
  • Change the distance the drone should keep when flying
  • Change the angle of the drone to ensure an accurate shot

Advanced Controls

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Using an app, you will be able to alter more advanced controls for your copter. These are controls that are much more in-depth, but the custom app allows for full control changes and easy uploading.

Once you have set all of your controls accordingly, you will use your smartphone or device to upload the changes right to your drone.

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These are controls, such as tracking settings or even certain sport presets, which have been built into the copter.

While these controls may be difficult to learn at first, they allow for precise video tailored to the user’s preferences. Once everything is set up, you will be ready to start recording.

How Recording Works

Once you are ready, you simply push a button on your wrist band and the helicopter begins to ascend into the air. Now, you perform your stunts or do whatever it is you are doing while wearing the wrist control.

Using the information and settings you have setup, the drone will hover in the air and begin recording. As you begin to move, the drone will follow to ensure that every second of your performance is monitored no matter whether you are surfing, going through a BMX course or running with your dog on the beach.

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Once completed, you can click on your wrist band to bring the helicopter to a landing position so that you can pick it up and go home. For anyone that doesn’t want to learn how to pilot a drone, this is the absolute best solution.

AirDog Features and Specifications

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Now that the kickstarter campaign is over and the goal of the project is complete, you can preorder the AirDog for a price of $1,295. What will you get exactly?

Well, the following information has been released by the company and can be found on their website:

Mind-blowing Features

  • Auto-Follow: Using tracking technology, this copter will follow your every movement. This is done through what is called the AirLeash system, which uses the wrist band discussed earlier.
  • Easy Operation: You will never need to control the drone yourself. Once you have set it for take-off, it will be autonomously controlled.
  • Stabilization: Using the latest in gyroscope stabilization, the drone counters gusts of wind to ensure that your video is stable and crystal clear at all times.
  • Foldable: Once you are done, you can grab your equipment and fold up the AirDog in seconds. The body and propellers are foldable for easy transport. Folding also further protects smaller parts to ensure that they do not break.
  • Camera Pitch Control: Using a gimbal, the camera will always be pointed down at you using advanced technology.
  • Durable: Weather resistant construction
  • Speed: A top speed of 40 MPH
  • Flight Time: 10 – 20 minutes
  • Range: 1000 feet (300m)
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Operational Limit: 9800 feet above sea level
  • Weight: 3.08 pounds
  • Wind Resistance: 28 knot maximum

Accompanying App

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Click on the image to learn more.

Meant for both Android and iOS, an app is included that will allow you to:

  • Set the relative following position
  • Allow for follow tracking
  • Hover and aim the copter for smaller areas
  • Set a circular radius for 360 filming with automatic camera aiming
  • Set look down mode on a ramp to set the copter to hover over the ramp with no following

The app is where all of your copter’s advanced features will be able to be tweaked for precision flying and video capturing.

Differences Seen From the Original

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There have been sparse differences mentioned from what is seen in the original video and what the final production will actually look like.

The one difference that has been announced, and is something that potential users have asked for, is an advancement of the AirLeash.

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Instead of just wearing the leash on your wrist, there will be further options available for the extreme sport user. These advancements include:

  • A reduction in size of the AirLeash by up to 50 percent.
  • Attachments for handlebars.
  • Attachments for Snow-googles.
  • Attachments for helmets.
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The goal is to have an AirLeash that is not intrusive and works with all sports. This will be done using multiple attachment opportunities.

Potential buyers are able to pre-order their AirDog right now with a delivery date of December 2014. Since the copter’s conception, there have been several prototypes created and advancements made to the copter.

Currently, the team behind AirDog states that the hardware phase is complete and that the next step will be to complete the software stage with a due date of August 2014.

CLICK HERE for KickStarter Page The Official Website

After this, the product will need to undergo certification and the production process will be able to begin. The team behind AirDog has put up a progress tracker right on their company website for everyone to follow. This will alert you of any major advancements that have been made as well as a look at the milestones the company hopes to achieve leading up to the launch of the product.

Media Coverage

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Click on the image to learn more.

The AirDog has been featured in magazines and on television as well as extensively online. Currently, the quadcopter has been tested with the following sports:

  • Paragliding
  • Skateboarding
  • Cycling
  • Automotive
  • BMX
  • Surfing
  • MTB
  • Inline skating
  • Racing
  • Motorcycle stunts/racing

CLICK HERE for KickStarter Page The Official Website

This is the ultimate quadcopter that allows you to fully record yourself as effortlessly as possible. As long as you are going a maximum of 40 miles per hour, you will be recorded with perfection each and every time with AirDog.

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    The possibilities for this kind of technology are endless! Sporting events, security details, just about anything that you need automatic coverage without having to make a detailed plan of the course for people to navigate. I am new to these things and I am really glad that I found your website! You cover some of the most interesting rc’s that I have ever seen.

  • Britanica

    Is it just me or does this look like a kid made it? lol Like the colors and the way it is designed. It is very creative and I do enjoy the look. The features seem to make this noob friendly. I wonder if this would be something my little cousins would enjoy. Is this a good one to start with for a 13 and 14 year old?