9 Best RC Trucks for 2014 You Might Want to See


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Looking for a new RC truck to add to your collection?

We’ve rounded up the 9 best products for 2014 that you have to see.

From micro racers to a 1:1 scale of the Jeep Wrangler, these trucks will bring out the kid in you.

9. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is one of the best-selling RC trucks on the market today. It’s affordable, durable and will provide kids (or adults) with endless hours of fun. Let’s take a closer look at what the Rock Crawler has to offer:

  • Articulated rear and front suspension.
  • Low gearing and three motors (two for driving and one for steering), so you can enjoy some off-road fun.
  • 3-channel transmitter.
  • 6 AA batteries for the truck and 2 AAA batteries for the controller. Batteries are not included.
  • 5” long.

The Rock Crawler can maneuver tough obstacles with ease thanks to its high-torque, 4×4 drive train. The oversized tires and coil spring suspension allow for maximum traction and control. With a three-channel controller, up to three people can race at the same time. You can get your hands on the Rock Crawler for just under $30.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler – Overview & Test

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8. Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

From the same manufacturers of the Rock Crawler, the Rock Crawler Extreme offers a new design and an improved off-road experience. The features include:

  • 5” long.
  • Front and rear suspension.
  • Three motors – one for steering and two for driving.
  • Tri-channel transmitter.
  • 8 AA batteries.

Like the Rock Crawler, the Extreme allows up to three people to race their trucks at the same time. Colors vary with this model, and the price is right. Check it out.

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Unboxing and Play

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7. Traxxas 36054 The Stampede XL-5 Truck

Traxxas 36054 The Stampede

Traxxas is a leading manufacturer of RC trucks and cars, and The Stampede is one of the brand’s best-selling models. With a much higher price tag, this is a toy for serious hobbyists. No matter whether you’re a kid or an adult, The Stampede will provide you with a great off-road RC experience. Take a look at what The Stampede offers:

  • Waterproof electronics, so you can drive it in the mud, snow and water without worry.
  • The TQ 2.4GHz radio control system.
  • Titan 12T 550 motor that features an internal cooling fan.
  • High-torque, waterproof steering servo.
  • The receiver and the speed control are secured to the chassis.

The Stampede is a high performing gadget that you can drive just about anywhere thanks to its waterproof electronics. Priced at under $250, this is a model that’s best suited for experienced and serious hobbyists.

Traxxas Stampede XL-5 RTR Unboxed

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6. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

The Volcano EPX from Redcat Racing is a 1/10 scale product that’s quick, durable and ready for off-road fun. Take a look at the features:

  • Forward and reverse transmission.
  • 27T 540 electric brushed motor.
  • Four wheel drive; high torque steering servo.
  • Rechargeable 7.2v 1800mAh NiMh battery.
  • Waterproof electronics.

The Volcano EPX features a polycarbonate body, aluminum capped and oil-filled shocks, and RC off road tread. This remote controller is powered by 8 AA batteries. The Volcano is priced around $150.

RedCat Volcano EPX Pro Lets Get it Dirty

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5. Traxxas 70054 Pro

Traxxas 70054 Pro

Another product from Traxxas, the 70054 Pro is a 1:16 scale, short course truck with four wheel drive. For serious hobbyists, this is a toy that will bring out the kid in you. With waterproof electronics, you can drive it into puddles, over the snow and through the mud. The 70054 Pro boasts the following features:

  • O-ring sealed, waterproof receiver.
  • Titan 12T 550 motor that includes an internal cooling fan.
  • 4GHz transmitter.
  • Receiver and speed controls secured to the chassis.
  • High-torque waterproof steering servo.

The 70054 Pro handles well and can ride through just about anything. This high-performing truck can be yours for under $220.

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4. Axial Ax90028 SCS10 Jeep Wrangler

Axial Ax90028 SCS10 Jeep Wrangler

Fans of the Jeep Wrangler will fall in love with this product by Axial. This is the most expensive truck on our list, but its design and performance makes it well worth the cost. This 1:10 scale Jeep Wrangler offers:

  • Transmission with protective cover.
  • Adjustable slipper clutch which helps the motor perform more efficiently.
  • C-channel frame constructed with durable steel secured with hex hardware.
  • Shock hoops and multi shock mounting positions. This gives you the power to adjust your suspension for the best performance possible.
  • True to scale tires and wheels.
  • Dual-channel 2.4GHz radio.
  • 27T motor.
  • 4 AA batteries for transmitter.
  • 2V battery and charger.

This truck truly is a miniature version of the Jeep Wrangler, and the manufacturers partnered with Jeep when creating it. But all of the true-to-life features come priced just under $400 to be exact.

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3. 1/24 Micro Brushless SCT RTR

1 24 Micro BrushlessThe 1/24 Micro Brushless SCT RTR is a four wheel drive RC truck offered by Team Losi. With a blue and silver curved body design, it features an authentic short course design, and a powerful micro motor.

Team Losi designed it for the experienced micro racer.

The SCT RTR features a 2.4GHz DSM radio controller and uses 4 AA batteries, which are actually included. This little toy can zip around at high speeds and handles surprisingly well.

We put it to the test, and it could handle just about everything we threw at it. It’s incredibly durable, and it can be driven both indoors and outdoors.

This Team Losi RC truck is available in blue and priced at around $150.

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2. 1/24 Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker RTR

Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker RTR

Another RC truck from Team Losi. The Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker is a sharp, monster truck style RC truck that’s ready to drive right out of the box. Team Losi calls the Trail Trekker the cousin of the Micro Crawler.

The design of the tuck’s body is sharp with black and red details, but going beyond its appearance, this RC truck handles very well when driving. It features an articulated suspension that can adjust to challenging obstacles with ease.

This 4×4 product has excellent maneuverability and can tackle tough terrain. Included with the truck is a 2.4GHz radio controller and a battery pack with charger included.

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1. Traxxas 37054 2 Wheel Drive Stadium Rustler Truck

Traxxas 37054 2 Wheel Drive

The final truck on our list is another model from Traxxas. The Stadium Rustler truck boasts many of the same great features that you would expect from the Traxxas brand, including waterproof electronics. However, this model offers one exceptional feature – high speed. Just take a look at the features:

  • 35+MPH speed
  • Titan 12T 550 motor
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • 4GHz radio controller
  • Waterproof electronics

Like other Traxxas products, this model is ready to ride in the rain, snow and mud. With its max speed topping out at 35+MPH, this is the perfect toy for your off-roading adventures. The Traxxas Stadium Rustler Truck is available for just under $250.

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  • DroneNerd

    I think the Rock Crawler Extreme looks pretty nice! I may want to get one later in the year, Thanks!

  • Heather

    The Trail Trekker looks awesome! I bet my son would just DIE to have this. Love that it’s ready to drive right out of the box.

  • Alee

    AL OF THEM LOOK SO COOL!! My brother will absolutely love these! It will hard for him to select any one of them as they are are super cool!

  • CS

    Dealing with Traxxas customer service just isn’t worth it though, seriously consider a different brand.