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best drones for kids

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Looking for an awesome drone for the kids? No matter whether you’re buying for a birthday, the holidays or just for fun, a drone is the ultimate gift for kids. They’re fun to fly and most can perform cool tricks.

Here are 9 AWESOME drones that kids will love!

Want to skip the detailed reviews and go straight to the list? Check it out:

9. KiiToys Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter

KiiToys Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter

Looking for a quadcopter toy? KiiToys offers a nano quadcopter with a 6 axis gyro and 4-channel radio control. This tiny copter, known as the X-10, can do 3D flips and put on an air light show. It’s the smallest quadcopter in the world, and it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

The X-10 is just 1.5” x 1.5”. It offers five to eight minutes of flight time on just one single charge. With a 6-axis gyro, flights are steady and stable. Plus, you get full movement: left/right, ascend/descend, and forward/backward.

Want to have even more fun? This copter has a 3D flipping stunt to “wow” your friends. Because this copter is so tiny, you’ll need to fly it indoors. But with a 4-channel radio control, kids can fly multiple quadcopters at once. Comes in four fun colors: blue, pink, orange and green.

X10 Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter Toy Air Demonstration
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8. Mini RC Drone

Mini RC Drone 4

The Mini RC drone from DFD is easy to control and so fun to fly. Show off your flying skills with 3D flight and 360 flips. Never flown a quadcopter before? No problem! The Mini RC Drone has four modes, so users of all levels can fly it.

The Mini RC Drone is 6-axis, 4-channel quadcopter that’s ready to fly right out of the box. It’s stable, easy to fly, and can perform stunts. Fly forward, backward, left, right, up or down. Hover or perform a 360 flip. With a 5 minute flight time and gold-colored body, this is an RC quadcopter that kids will love flying.

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7. Holy Stone Mini RC Drone


The Holy Stone Mini RC Drone is ready to fly and comes with a 6-axis gyro for stable flights and easy flight control.

With four channels, this quadcopter has 3D flight and can do 360 flips. And it comes with a protective guard, so you don’t destroy your mini drone during the first few flights.

Six bright and colorful LED lights let you know which direction you’re flying in and put on a light show.

How big is this quadcopter, and how much does it weigh? It may not be as tiny as the Kiitoys quadcopter, but it’s surprisingly small at 5.31” x 5.31” x 1.38”. Weighing just 16.47oz., this is a quadcopter that zip through the air. And unlike quadcopters designed for adults, this little toy is under $40.

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter
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6. UDI U818A

UDI U818A 2 4GHz

UDI is a well-known name in the drone industry, and the U818A is a great option for kids if you’re looking for a reliable, well-built drone. With a 6-axis gyro and 4-channel radio, this drone is easy to fly – even if you have no experience. Did we mention this quadcopter has a FPV camera? For under $100, that’s pretty impressive.

The U818A comes equipped with a high capacity battery and strong motors, so it flies longer and more efficiently. It may take 120 minutes to charge this quadcopter, but it will fly for 7-9 minutes.

And the drone’s modular design makes it so easy to install and repair parts. So, if your kids damage a propeller, it won’t take you an entire weekend to figure out how to replace it.

UDI U818A Quadcopter with Video/Camera Functions
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5. Syma X1


The Syma X1 4 is one of the best-selling mini quadcopters on the market, and it’s a great choice for kids. With a UFO-style body and the ultimate in stability controls, this is a quadcopter that kids can pick up and start flying right out of the box.

And kids will love doing 3D maneuvers, like flips, rolls, pirouettes and more. The 3-way controller allows you to move up or down, forward or backward, and left or right.

Unlike other mini quadcopters, this one comes with two flight modes: indoor and outdoor. Most mini drones can only be flown indoors, but with the X1 4, you finally have an outdoor flight option. The Syma x1 4 comes with everything you need (minus batteries) to start flying right out of the box.

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4. Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 H107L

The Hubsan X4 is a mini quadcopter (2.4” length and width) that’s super easy to fly and incredibly durable. With a 6 axis gyro, this little drone has amazing stability. Even if your kids have never flown a quadcopter before, they’ll have no problems flying the X4 right out of the box.

The X4 comes with a high capacity LiPO battery and a 4-channel controller. It’s ready to fly the moment it arrives at your door – batteries are even included.

The best part? The kids can fly this quadcopter indoors or outdoors.

Hubsan X4 H107L Mini Quadcopter
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3. Syma X11

Syma X11

Another kid-favorite from Syma. The X11 is an indoor/outdoor quadcopter with 6-axis stabilization for ultra-smooth flights. With the simple flick of a joystick, you’ll fly up, down, left, right, forward, backward and sideways. You can even perform 360 maneuvers, like flips and rolls.

Two speeds and two frequencies are available, so you have complete control over your flying experience. The Syma X11 boasts a 40 minute charge time and a flight time of just 5-7 minutes.

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2. Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider White

If you’re looking for a drone for older kids, the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider is an awesome choice. This thing can roll anywhere – across the floor, up the wall and even across the ceiling. Oh, and it flies too.

The Rolling Spider has an ultra-compact design, but it’s amazingly stable. You can use this drone inside or outside – wherever you want. And with a built-in FPV camera, you can take aerial shots from the sky.

Parrot’s Rolling Spider is like other modern drones. It’s not controlled by a typical radio controller. It’s controlled through your smartphone via the FreeFlight 3 app. The app is Bluetooth Smart and free to download.

Kids will enjoy 8 full minutes of flight time on a single battery charge, and it only takes one hour to recharge.

But it’s not the flight time that’s so impressive with this drone – it’s the acrobatics. With just one click of your finger, the Rolling Spider does a 360 degree flip, or makes a 90 or 180 degree turn. The pre-programmed acrobatic moves will impress kids of all ages. Its wheels are detachable, so you can fly or roll – whichever you want.

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider – Official Video
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1. Robotic UFO


Want a completely unique drone for the kids? The Robotic UFO is the perfect choice. This three-channel copter is actually a flying ball. Okay, technically it’s an RC helicopter inside of a gyro ball. It’s tons of fun to fly, and it looks cool too.

The gyro ball does more than just give this drone a cool look. It makes this drone crash proof. Typical quadcopters can crash and lose propellers or hurt someone. Because the propellers are inside of the gyro ball, the copter can’t crash or become damaged.

It’s not completely indestructible, but if your kids are known to crash and damage their quadcopters, the Robotic UFO will save you from having to make frequent drone repairs.

Flight time for the Robotic UFO is six minutes, and it takes just 30 minutes to recharge.

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KEEP IN MIND: Kids shouldn’t play with drones alone, adults should always fly them. They might be dangerous.

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  • It’s wrong to sell drones as being ‘for kids’.. drones can be dangerous and are certainly not a toy

    • rdhood

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    • John Dough

      agree with rdhood. This sam guy needs to chill. The drones on this page are more child friendly than others. When you say “certainly not a toy” what do you even mean? Ofcourse they are toys! What other purpose do these flying rcs have than to play with? Jeeze you would think that the article was talking about predator drones armed with missiles and bombs the way Sam H. drones on about them.

  • Genie

    where can these be purchased?

  • David Borden

    There are certainly some great drones on this list. Another brand I would highly recommend is Propel RC. They make some great drones at affordable prices, own several myself and really enjoy them.