7 Must-Have Quadcopter Accessories for Every Drone Enthusiast


7 Must Have Quadcopter Accessories for Every Drone Enthusiast

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Owning a drone or quadcopter allows you to have a truly customized piece of equipment that can soar through the air and capture stunning visuals just for you.

While every model has their own parts and accessories, let’s take a look at 7 must-have quadcopter accessories that you can buy today.

1. Lighter Propellers

lighter propellersThe lighter your copter, the faster and more energy efficient it will be. The one part that virtually all copters will allow to be replaced are propellers.

The standard propellers that come with lower-end models are often heavier and less durable than carbon fiber.

When possible, search for lighter propellers for your copter. Not all copters will have upgrades, but many do, and they are worth the extra cost.

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2. Extra or Stronger Battery

drone batteryMany copters come with a mid-level battery. Typically, there will be an mAh range that can be seen on the product’s specifications.

The lower mAh is meant for inexpensive batteries, but you will suffer a loss in power and overall flight time as a result.

The battery that comes standard will typically be in the middle, which gives decent flight time but not the absolute best.

If you want a quick way to enhance your flight, buy the strongest compatible battery available. While it may be a little heavier, it will provide a longer flight time which is great when the weather is ideal for flying.

Pilots that already have the best battery possible may want to buy an extra. Just in case your battery starts to lose charge, you will be happy to have an extra nearby that can be easily swapped in.

Users should also see about upgrading their battery charger. If you have a charger that came with your drone, chances are you can buy one that allows for a much faster charge time at a moderate price.

No one wants to wait 60 – 90+ minutes for their drone’s battery to fully charge if they don’t have to.

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3. Landing Gear

drone landing gearLanding gear can only be replaced on some copters. The Phantom 2, for instance, has a lot of landing gear options that will make flight even better.

The goal is to find a wider landing gear that allows for any video recording to take place without having the gear actually in the picture.

This is often the first major benefit seen, but certainly not the only one.

Users may also want to buy lighter landing gear to lower the weight of their drone as well as landing gear that is a little higher and wider.

If gear is wider and higher in height, it will be much easier to land with a lot less crash landing occurring.

If you like to land in rocky areas, better landing gear will also make landing much smoother.

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4. Lighting Options

Quadcopter LED Blue Light Kit StripTired of flying in the dark and not being able to see a thing? This is what most pilots will find happens to them at some point.

With a lack of lighting, not only do you easily lose sight of your copter, but you will also not be able to take video footage.

Smaller copters, such as the mini versions, often cannot handle heavier lighting options, but other models can.

You can choose a few lighting options:

  • Spotlight: A strong spotlight is meant for recording during the latter hours of the day. With a spotlight, it is usually mounted above the camera so that lighting is adequate when flying.
  • Landing Lights: It is possible to purchase landing lights that usually attach to your landing gear. These lights may need to be fastened using a bolt or they can use adhesives to attach. This is meant more for aesthetics than visual help when flying at night.

If you don’t have lights on your drone, you will want to see if there are any available versions for your copter’s model. Lighting is one of the first enhancements and accessories that we recommend looking into.

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5. Enhanced Cameras

Oftentimes, especially with cheaper models, the cameras that come attached are not the best on the market.

The ideal choice for a great camera that is crystal clear and will not break the bank is the GoPro. You can even buy advanced gimbals for certain models that allow you to better control your video with the utmost in precision.

While your copter may not be able to hold the Canon 5D MKIII, a GoPro or similar camera will do fine.

If you are flying a more expensive drone, you will want to look at the maximum take-off weight to see just how big of a camera you can hold.

The DJI S1000, for instance, can easily carry the MKIII due to its massive power. Smaller models cannot carry such a heavy camera and fly accordingly.

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6. Propeller Guards

drone-propeller-guardsPropeller guards are recommended for new and advanced pilots alike. The one thing about crashes is that they are very dangerous.

Not only do propellers break very easily, larger models can cause series injury or damage if they crash the wrong way. No one wants to get a nasty gash or have to spend money on new propeller replacements every other week.

Propeller guards are a cheap solution to this problem. With propeller guards, you will fasten them to the body of the copter or the arm that the propeller is attached to so that there is protection in place when you crash.

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7. Carrying Case

Carrying Case for Syma X5CMeant for larger quadcopters, you can often buy a carrying case that you can use to neatly pack away your copter during travel or when not in use.

This is something that will not always be possible, but the higher-end models, such as the AR.Drone or the Phantom have carrying cases that you can buy for relatively cheap.

The tricky part is that every quadcopter on the market has different specifications and sizes.

While you may have difficulty finding accessories for lower-end models, if you have a medium to high-priced drone, you will find a lot of model-specific accessories to make flying more pleasurable.

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  • Jay King

    Wow! These accessories are amazing!

    I never considered the lighting options, but I will definitely have to look into them. Nothing like standing out in the night!

    Great article!

    • Xavier

      Owning a drone is cool enough, but the lighting kits really bring it to the next level. There’s a bit of a learning curve using them though, so just be warned!

      • Jay King

        I can only imagine! Thanks a lot for the heads up.

  • Dylan

    I think I’ll have to buy some landing accessories for my Syma S107 as I can’t seem to master the smooth landing; I don’t know how sturdier they’ll be so I’m waiting for a nice discount to buy two. I know this may seem a bit much, but they should sell it with its landing gear because most people
    would crash it after the first flight.

    • Sioux

      There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve to it. I’ve gotten the hang of smooth landings for my drone at this point, but I had quite a few wipeouts at the beginning!

  • Landon

    Powerful batteries are a must! My neighbor got his quad copter and the batteries only lasted him 8 or 9 minutes, total rip off. I always have some extra batteries charged so I never run out of power; nothing is worse than being in the air taking photos and having to come down because the
    batteries are almost dead.

    • Mark

      What kind of batteries are you using? I can’t seem to get mine to last more than a flight or two. I found that removing the battery when I put it away extends the battery life a little, but I’m still looking for a better solution.

  • The propeller guards have saved me money. Some of those hard landing tip overs have done no damage because of them. I agree that powerful batteries are a must. Doesn’t take a aeronautical engineer to figure out that longer flight times are better. The thing that I like the most are the cases. Oh yeah great way to not only carry them but to store them and have them ready to go when you are ready.

  • Phil

    Maybe I’m just not meant to have a drone 🙁 I keep wrecking them at landing. they are expensive to buy, expensive to own, and mostly expensive to fix. I wonder what I can do to get smoother landings?

  • Stephanie

    I definitely need one of the carrying cases. I bring mine out to take off at home, I mostly bring them out to impress people at gatherings and barbecues and places like that. If they didn’t take so long to set up or weren’t so awkward to carry around, I’d probably use them more.

  • ed pierce

    I would skip the flashy lights and make room in my bag for extra batteries and maybe even buy some propeller guards while I’m at it. I didn’t know I could get landing gear though, that would be a good purchase that would pay for itself many times over.

  • Britanica

    I’m wondering how much faster a quadcopter can get with lighter propellers, surely it can’t make too much of a difference? I guess every little helps, especially when attaching extras to it like cameras and lights.
    Speaking of lights, I would love to have a bunch of rainbow colors it, would look so cool.