7 Best-Selling RC Helicopters You Will Really Like


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RC helicopters are a ton of fun to play with and provide hours of enjoyment.

When you are looking for the best model, you will find a lot of traditional helicopters and quadcopters listed.

The following 7 models are deemed best-sellers by Amazon and are ranked based upon Amazon’s own internal best-selling algorithm.

The best part is that many of these copters are extremely affordable and have numerous reviews that will let you know what to expect when making a purchase.

7. UDI U818A

UDI U818A quadcopter picture

A quadcopter that comes in at $69 and has had its priced slashed by 86 percent. Rated a 3 and a ½ star by 365 reviewers, the U818A is a great entry copter that comes with a slew of features users will love. Among the great features seen are:

  • 6 Axis Gyro
  • 4 channel flying for superb stability
  • First-person-view camera

This copter has a modular design to allow for easy part replacement, but users should note it is not as durable as more expensive models. With a built-in camera, this is the ideal inexpensive copter for new pilots.

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6. The Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4A small, stable and very affordable copter. There have been 432 positive reviews given with an average rating of 4 stars for this $35 copter.

The price is not just the major selling point for the H107L. There is a lot to love about this tiny quadcopter. The standout features include:

  • 6-axis flight control
  • 4 channel flying
  • 4 LED night lights
  • 4.6×2.3×1.3 inches

This copter is very small, fast and nimble. It does not come with a camera which may upset some users, but it is able to be flown indoors and outdoors as long as the weather permits. You really can’t ask for more as a pilot of this small, yet very agile copter.

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5. Syma S107G

Syma S107GSyma has a ton of copters in the top 10. In fact, the 107G is so well-liked that that it comes backed with over 2,400 reviews.

Any shopper knows that this is an astronomical amount of reviews for any product, especially a helicopter. The low price of just $17 is also a major selling point for this beginner helicopter.

As far as features are concerned, the 107G provides the following:

  • Brushed motor
  • Stable flight
  • 10 minute flight
  • 30 minute charge
  • Outdoor flight

There is a very short learning curve for new pilots and this traditional RC helicopter is very durable. You will also love the gyro which allows for the utmost control when flying.

The cons of this model is that outdoor flight can only be done when wind is not present as the weight of the copter allows for it to be easily blown out of control.

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4. Syma S109G

Syma S109GThe S109G is the next step up from the S107G. The look of this copter is very unique and cartoonish in design which makes it a great choice for younger pilots.

The 1,100+ reviews are nearly all positive with a total rating of 4 out of 5 stars seen. For $18 and change, you get an indescribable flying experience with the S109.

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As far as features are concerned, this helicopter offers:

  • 3.5 channels
  • LiPO battery
  • Small learning curve
  • Flight time of 5 – 6 minutes
  • Green color
  • Charging cable and USB charging cable

This copter is also small and the ideal choice for new pilots. The controls are easy to learn, and there aren’t really any major complaints from users seen. Users should note that this helicopter is too small to carry a camera.

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3. Syma X1

the Syma X1 rcSyma also offers a neat quadcopter that is dubbed a UFO by the maker. This is a neat copter that offers a stylish look and great control.

An average of 4 out of 5 stars is seen and 540+ people have left a positive review for the X1. At a price of $32, this is a bargain for a copter with the following features:

  • 2.4GHz signal
  • 3 way control
  • Indoor/Outdoor flight mode
  • 40-meter control distance
  • Battery life of 5 – 6 minutes
  • Charge time of 40 minutes

The only issue seen with the UFO is that new pilots will have a difficulty flying at first. The instruction manual lacks concise instructions on how to fly this copter, but this should not be an issue. Give it some time and keep trying to learn to fly at a low altitude to avoid any falling damage.

Users will really enjoy that this model comes with an indoor and outdoor mode. This allows for flying in low wind conditions and for the price, the control is excellent.

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2. Syma 16.5Cm

Syma 16 5CmThe Syma 16.5Cm provides an amazing flying experience. Users will find that this copter is designed like a military copter and comes with 4 spinning blades that allow for great stability while flying.

This model costs just $25 and is backed by 500+ user reviews.

Syma has included:

  • Auto stability systems
  • 6 – 7 minute flight time
  • 20 minute charge
  • 150mAh battery

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Users ages 8+ will enjoy the flying that the S026G provides. The one note of caution seen when flying this model is that the user will need to be concerned about wind. By no means can this model withstand even light wind with any form of control.

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1. WLtoys Large V912

WLtoys Large V912The V912 comes in at a low price of $56 and is backed by 200+ reviews. WLtoys is a lesser-known brand, but they have done a lot to ensure that the V912 can compete with the leading manufacturers.

This model has some impressive features, starting with its design:

  • A single blade with gyro stability
  • LCD screen transmitter
  • Landing skids
  • 850mAh battery
  • Aluminum frame
  • Tail rudder for smoother flight

The tail holding ability of this model is exceptional. The engineers have really put a lot of thought into this copter with the tail rudder providing one of the smoothest flights of a single blade RC helicopter I have ever tested. While you do not have the control or balance needed for any video recording, an agile, fun flying experience is still had.

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  • Falcon Winter

    I had no idea that RC helicopters were so affordable. I think I definitely need to pick one of these up soon. I really like that the UDI U818A comes with a built in camera. That is really cool!

    • Rowley

      I know, I’ve been hearing about them for a bit now and just figured they were out of my reach. I’m not really one to jump on every tech craze, at least not now that I’m out of my parent’s house and have bills to pay. but after reading this article I think I can afford to splurge a little 🙂

  • Carmen

    My son is literally begging me to buy him an RC helicopter for over a month but I kept saying to him he has to wait for Santa to get him one. I just read some reviews for UDI U818A and at that price this is a real bargain. However, I have to wonder why the huge price cut, is it an older model or it has some issues?

  • Elijah Jackson

    Wow, these are all very affordable models. Suddenly, everyone is speaking about drones and quadcopters, I’m glad I stumbled upon your list. A while ago these used to be super expensive and I remember wanting one but the price put me off; now, you don’t even know where to start and what to buy!

    • Phyllis

      It’s amazing how fast technology comes down in price, isn’t it? still, I don’t think that the prices can get much lower than this – there’s a good one on the market for just $18!

  • Joshua

    I have three Syma quad copters so I can only speak about this brand. Their quality speaks for themselves; I never had a problem with the product I received and their customer support was beyond useful when I wanted to make some small changes to one of the models. If you’re a newbie, I recommend you start with Syma X1 4.

  • Alicia M.

    My husband got the Husban for his birthday last year and it got him hooked. Now he has 4 quadcopters and this is the only thing that keeps him away from his Playstation – I never knew such a thing was possible, he used to spend most of his free time indoors.

  • Liam

    I gotta have one of these! Everyone seems to jump into the drone craze and manufactures are really milking this out, aren’t they? The prices are unbeatable, especially if you want a quadcopter without a camera. This won’t cause major wallet burn if you accidentally bump it into a tree or something.

    • Frank

      I don’t know though, the camera really adds a lot to the experience. How much is the price difference, with camera and without?

  • Roger Burr

    I own the UDI U818A and I absolutely love it like crazy. It’s given me some of the most fun I have had in a long time. I seriously felt like a kid when I got the package on my doorstep. It’s a really good quality RC copter.

  • Tyler Roberts

    I wish I had the money to get some of these RC helicopters soon. I have my eye on a few of these, namely the Syma S107G and the Syma X1. Both are quite appealing to me and I can’t wait to get my hands on either. I might as well look into the others a bit more too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ken Savage

    Syma seems to be the top brand on the list, which I happen to really enjoy. They make some high quality RC copters and I have always had a great time with them. I haven’t tried any of these models yet though, but maybe I will buy one or two on the list.

    • Goethe

      My neighbor has a Syma, and I see it flying in the parking lot sometimes. It must be fun to fly!

  • Mike Jacobson

    A nice list ya guys got here. I see Syma seems to be the more popular brand on this list, but I have a The Hubsan X4 myself and I love it. I figure it’s on this list so I did something right when I bought it. 😀

    Anyways, if I ever end up breaking this one, I might check out one or two of the others on the list.

  • My grandson has been wanting one of these for Christmas and I haven’t know really which one would be best even though I have looked at them. This list helps a lot. Thanks for adding it to your site.

  • Nigel

    Wow, the prices here are much more comfortable than I would have imagined! there’s barely any investment at all, and it makes me wonder why I don’t already have a drone. Thanks for the comparison.

  • sarahevanston

    These are all really affordable! My first one cost me well over $200 and I crashed it the first time out. I should have started with one of these and gotten me feet wet that way!

  • Jake

    I really like what Syma’s gotten out lately. I’ve gotten two RCs from them and they’ve worked a wonder. They’re awesome for playing around with, and my kids love them as well….even if they are daddy’s hobby, after all.

    I bought my oldest a Syma S107G for his birthday, and he seems to really enjoy it.

  • Christine

    I bought my daughter a Syma for her birthday a few months back…happy to see it here on the list. i chose the one with the most reviews and best price haha. Guess I’m lucky I didn’t pick up a piece of junk. Would’ve been nice if I had seen this list earlier, maybe I could’ve made a better choice!

  • Duke

    I am a big fan of copters, and well, this list gave me an idea on what to buy next haha. I have all kinds of pieces in my house, from $200 behemoths to $20 tiny things on wheels. What can I say, I’m a fan! Thanks for giving me some more things to add to my wishlist 🙂

  • Louie

    How come the Husban isn’t in the first place? I find it to be much better than what’s on 1st place, spec and price-wise. I had one a few months back, a real pleasure to fly and play around with.

  • Dan

    Unfortunately, you’re right about the Syma 16.5. Utterly useless in windy conditions, it acts like a blind bird without a wing. Awful flight. In clear conditions it’s fucking awesome, but in wind? Not good at all.

  • Britanica

    This is great information I will be bookmarking! I plan on getting a RC chopper eventually, and I don’t want to get the wrong one. I am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff. The way you wrote this made it very easy for me to understand and I know next to nothing about these things!

  • Gordon

    It is as scary as it is exciting that drones have now gone mainstream and all you really need to own one is to afford it. This heralds a new era in a traditionally dormant sector dominated by governments and big corporations. Great informative article.

  • Joe

    I agree with Gordon, it is a bit scary to thing. Just 20 years ago, it was unheard of outside of wealthy people, owning compact drones. Now, I see so many people, all ages, and people who are on all economical scales. Very informative article. Thanks for sharing all this!

  • Annie Marie Peters

    Good advice! I really like the style of the Syma S107G. You can’t beat the price either. I think it’s a good entry-level copter for anyone new to the world of RC.