6 Most Popular Online Helicopter Games That Are Free

6 Most Popular Online Helicopter Games That Are Free
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Tired of playing expensive games that are either boring or simply not what you are in the mood to play? There are a few online helicopter games that are completely free to play. When you are bored, the following 6 most popular games are ones you must try.

1. Helicopter Game

A fan favorite. Helicopter Game was launched in 2004 and is an easy-to-play, fun game. The graphics are dreadful, but 47 million people have played this game. The controls are so simple yet difficult to master that you will have fun for hours.

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The goal of this game is to traverse through the landscape without hitting the obstacles in the way. While simple in nature, the controls are so fickle that you will often crash and burn.

2. Mission Helicopter

Mission Helicopter comes with a 4.5 star rating and is a flash game. Meant more for younger players, the graphics are spectacular and the controls are very easy to master.

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Users simply have to push items through an obstacle course. Unlike the first one, this game doesn’t have you restarting every 20 seconds because you have blown up your copter.

3. Secure The Deck 3

Another unique approach to helicopter games. Secure The Deck 3 is more of a military-style game that requires you to storm the deck of a ship. This is done with ease by pressing the down button to push down troops onto their respective spot.

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Illuminated on the target ship will be glowing pads that you must push your men onto so that they can secure the deck and ultimately take the ship over. While it sounds easy, stormy seas will cause many of your men to go overboard. There are only so many men that you have to spare, so you have to be very careful.

4. Helic

Helic is more of a shoot-and-kill type game. Your goal is to place turrets and protect them as the enemy starts to attack. This can get complicated in later levels where you will be attacked by tanks and other planes.

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While the turret will do a lot of the work, you will also need to shoot and kill the enemy yourself, which is not as easy as it sounds.

The graphics are nothing special, but the game’s overall concept will have you hooked for hours.

5. Helicopter Support SIM

Helicopter Support SIM is a simulation game that also runs on flash. When playing this game, your objective is to move all of the objects on the level in an effort to allow for an easy passage for your convoy. This is quite difficult as you will need to drop and bring up the rope as well as disconnect them at the right time later in the game.

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The fun part about this game is that the flying is smooth and the graphics are much better than a lot of the competition. All in all, this is a lesser-known game that deserves some recognition.

6. Heli Attack 2

Heli Attack 2 is a little different than the other games listed. Instead of being the pilot, you will take control of an infantry man trying to escape the attack of helicopters. The goal is to aim your gun at the opposing machine and shoot them down before they kill you.

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The graphics and sound effects are very good, and you will find that you need to take cover quickly to survive. Using your mouse, you will need to aim your gun and start shooting away in hopes of downing one helicopter before the next one arrives. It can be very hectic to dodge bullets, jump up mountains and ultimately down the enemy in the process.

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  • Brent

    Mission Helicopter sounds like an amazing game! Time to go play it NOW!

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Brent 🙂 Did you like it?

  • Helic sounds like an interesting game and I had not heard of it. I think I will go give it a try. This is a nice list of free helicopter games.

  • Tom

    Helic sounds interesting, but those graphics…I think I may be a snob, lol. I’ll give all the games a try eventually, I do love my choppers, virtual or not

  • Brian

    I really liked Helicopter Support SIM. I’ve wasted a couple of hours of my life on it today after reading about it…which says a lot, I rarely waste time with games! Thanks for the suggestion, this was incredibly fun and relaxing.

  • John S T

    I don’t understand why people like Helicopter Game. The graphics burn your eyes, to controls make you feel like you’re having a fit behind the steering wheel…it’s like the Flappy Bird of helicopter SIMS.

  • Joshua

    Though it’s meant for a younger audience, I really enjoyed Mission Helicopter. When I play I play to relax, not to get pissed at the controls! The graphics are nice, the controls are smooth, and it offers a very enjoyable play experience. 10/10 would recommend 😀

  • James H

    I really enjoyed Helic, killed an hour with it. Now, onwards to all the other games in the list 😀 Thanks for making it, I love helicopter sims!