5 Vital Accessories for Syma X5C Explorers



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Are you a proud owner of a Syma X5C Explorers? This easy-to-fly drone is affordable and so much fun to fly.

But like any other RC toy, accessories can make the experience even more fun and exciting.

While we can’t say these five accessories will over-the-moon awesome, they are practical and smart accessories that every drone owner should invest in.

1. 4x 600mAh Batteries and Charger

Generic 37V 600mAh 25C Lipo BatteryExtra batteries are, in our opinion, the most important accessory you can buy for your quadcopter.

This pack comes with four 3.7V 600mAh lip batteries with a 4-in-1 charger.

What’s a 4-in-1 charger? It lets you charge up to four batteries at once, making charging more efficient and quick.

Forget having to buy a new charger for each spare battery you purchase.

One four pack of batteries will give you plenty of flight time, but for under $25, you can buy more than one pack to keep the fun going for even longer.

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2. Main Blades Propellers

Syma X5 X5C Main Blades PropellersWorried that you might crash your drone and damage its propellers? Even experienced pilots still crash every now and again.

Propellers are the one replacement part that every pilot needs. And it will probably be the part you replace most often.

These main blade replacement propellers look and fit like the originals. Each package comes with two pairs.

With a price tag of under $3, there’s no reason not to buy more than one unit.

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3. Black Carrying Case

Carrying Case for Syma X5CYou invest your hard-earned money into your drone. Protect your investment by storing your quadcopter in a protective carrying case.

The foam insert of this black carrying case was custom designed for the Syma X5C, so parts fit perfectly.

Slots for the body, propellers, batteries and other components allow you to store your parts safely and securely.

If you travel with your drone, this accessory is an absolute must have. It’s lightweight, has a sleek look and features plenty of foam to protect your drone while traveling.

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4. 2.0MP HD Camera Set

Coolplay Syma X5C 20MP HD CameraLooking to replace your quadcopter original camera? This HD camera set from Coolplay is a smart choice.

With an SD card, card reader and mounting screws, this 2MP camera will let you capture still images and video of your flight.

With this one simple set, you’ll get everything you need to film, store and share your videos and photos.

And you’ll get everything you need to mount the camera to your drone for an easy replacement of the original camera.

Priced at under $20, this is a replacement camera that every X5C owner can afford.

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5. Replacement Light Covers

Syma X5 X5C LampshadesThe Syma X5C features four lights: two orange and two green. But these lights aren’t actually colored.

It’s the colored light covers that give the drone its green and orange glow.

Over time and with extensive use, you may lose or damage your light covers.

Syma offers replacement covers, so you can continue enjoying the drone’s colorful glow.

And you know what the best part is? Replacement covers cost less than $5.

Our only complaint is that they don’t offer additional colors to choose from. But with such an affordable price, we were more than happy to buy a few extra pairs just in case our originals broke or fell off.

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With these five accessories, you can extend your flight time, replace propellers if needed, protect your drone when traveling, add a new camera or replace broken light covers.

You’ll have everything you need to keep the fun going and extend the life of your drone.

And with most accessory prices under $20, you can stock up on replacement parts without spending a fortune.

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