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So, you’ve bought a Parrot Bebop drone and are looking for accessories. One of the best parts of drone ownership is that you’ll find a lot of neat accessories to make your piloting even more fun. With the Parrot Bebop, we had a hard time finding any real accessories to mention.

Why? We’re really not sure. It could be that since this model is newer, there have been fewer companies creating accessories so far.

In either case, we did find 5 cool accessories that will make your experience with the Bebop Drone even better.

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1. 1600mAh High Capacity Battery

Parrot Bebop Drone-3-0 BatteryYou have to expect to replace your battery at some point. Oftentimes, after immense recharging, batteries will no longer hold their charge and will need to be replaced.

When this happens, there’s no better battery than the one provided by RC GearPro.

This battery is specifically designed for the Bebop Drone and allows for a regular flight time of 13 – 15 minutes per charge.

This is considered an upgrade and works slightly better than the stock battery. To increase flight time or simply get a spare for extended flight, this model is for you.

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2. Anbee® Rapid Balance Charger

Anbee Rapid Balance ChargerAnbee is known for producing some of the best chargers on the market. This model comes with a balance charger and an adapter plate.

Ultimately, the adapter plate is why this is an amazing design. Used to fit stock batteries, this plate reduces the amount of time it takes to charge the battery so that you save more time in between charges.

There is protection built-in to stop overcharging. This charger also has an LED indicator to show current charge and can fit LiPo or LiFe battery types.

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3. Upgrade Rotor Propellers

Upgrade Rotor Propellers What’s the first upgrade people look for when they have a drone? Propellers!

When you swap out propellers, you’ll be able to achieve an aesthetic upgrade due to the propeller colors, and often increase flight time and agility.

These aftermarket propellers are meant to be an upgrade and weigh a mere 15g. This product comes with a pack of 4 propellers with the black and yellow color scheme.

You’ll also be able to find blue and black, red and black and yellow and red propellers from the same manufacturer on sale.

Whether you want an aesthetic upgrade or a backup in case your props break, this is a great choice.

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4. Tera 2PCs 1600mAh 11.1V High Capacity Batteries

Tera 2PCs 1600mAhIf you’re the type of pilot that likes to fly for extended periods of time, Tera has the perfect option for you – a two battery set.

This is an expensive option at $78, but the batteries are rechargeable, and they have a max flying time of 13 minutes.

The battery we previously reviewed had a flight time of 13 – 15 minutes in comparison.

There’s nothing too exciting to see here, but if you want to be able to fly for 26 minutes without interruption, this is a great choice.

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5. Parrot PF070079 Bebop Drone Motors Kit

Parrot PF070079 Bebop Drone Motors KitThe final item on our list is the most important: the motor kit. What happens if you crash so bad that a motor or two – or four – break?

You’re out of a costly drone. Well, Parrot offers a full replacement kit that will allow you to easily repair your drone if the unexpected occurs.

This kit includes all of the 4 runner brushless motors as well as all the hardware needed for installation.

While nothing too exciting, it’s great to know that you can repair your drone with stock motors if they happen to break from damage or overuse.

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  • Joshua Ngu

    ah, the parrot ar drone 2.0 battery can fit in the bebop drone. there is a parrot ar drone 2.0 2500 mAH on sale in Amazon. flight time around 20 mins

    • Vova Andrienko

      Unfortunately Bebop 2 battery does not fit 1st gen Bebop, they using different type of locking system, as we know 1st gen Bebop battery has to be awkwardly secured by the strap that goes around it, but thats fine, as long as it flyes!

  • Vova Andrienko

    On ebay ive seen batterys with 2500mh capacity intended for Bebop 1st gen, in this case flying time should be 20 min, and thats what turns your first gen Bebop into Bebop 2, since Bebop 2 main feature is extended battery life, everything else stayed nearly the same, even camera, the quad it self just became a little bigger, so why would i pay 500$ just for upgraded battery? While for 450$ you can get Bebop 1 and SkyCntroller together!