5 Best DJI Phantom Accessories Worth Having


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The DJI Phantom is a premium quadcopter that comes packed with power and features.

While this quadcopter on its own is nearly perfect, a little customization and a few of the best accessories will turn your drone into the ultimate flying machine.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best phantom accessories that you must have to make your flying experience even better.

1. Backpack Bag

5 Best DJI Phantom Accessories Worth HavingScared to bring your drone around in fear of it breaking during transport? A backpack bag is the optimal choice and can carry the Phantom:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 2 Vision
  • 2 Vision+
  • DC40

This bag is waterproof so that even in the rain, you never have to worry about your Phantom getting wet or breaking.

Made by Koozam, this bag is lightweight, durable and has a protective outside that is hardened to ensure your drone never breaks.

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2. Carbon Fiber 9443 Propeller

Meant specifically for the Phantom 2, these propellers allow you to have extra strong, durable propellers that are extremely light.

These increase your Phantom’s ability to fly and have even been placed on balancers to ensure that they are ready for flight right out of the box.

The lighter weight not only allows for a better overall experience, but a lower weight has also been known to increase flying time, which is definitely an added bonus.

The length of the blades is 9.4” which means that you will not be able to use prop guards without contact being made. If you must have prop guards present, you will not want to install these blades. If you can live without guards, these propellers will make your flying experience one that is much better.

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3. Quadcopter LED Blue Light Kit Strip

Quadcopter LED Blue Light Kit StripIlluminate the night’s sky with the help of a blue light kit strip. This strip allows you to easily transfer your flying with mounted lights that easily attach to your Phantom’s body and illuminate a bright blue color.

Made only for the Phantom 1, these lights consist of 80 LEDs that connect right to the battery.

This is done using a 12V DC power source and will add a drain to your battery, resulting in lower flight times.

Ideally, you will only connect the power source at night as during the day will only result in extra battery life being used without much benefit in the process.

Affixing the strip is easy thanks to adhesive tape that is on the back of the lights. Simply push the adhesive around the perimeter of your quadcopter and plug in the power source.

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4. Hobbypower Tall Landing Gear

The stock landing gear that comes with the Phantom leaves a little to be desired. Oftentimes, upon landing, you will misjudge and not make the perfect landing due to being afraid of hitting the ground.

Tall landing gear takes care of this problem and does so at a cost that is so low, it is almost impossible not to buy.

Hobbypower has ensured that all versions of the Phantom can use their landing gear. Some of the benefits seen with this tall landing gear are:

  • Enough clearance for even larger gimbals.
  • Curved design to allow for safer lander and added protection.
  • Universal fit for all Phantom models.

The width of the gear is also 8mm longer, which leaves the gear at a full width of 23mm. This extra width makes landing much more intuitive and removes any tipping or skidding that may occur upon harder landings. There is also a 40mm height difference seen, which means you can land faster.

There is only a minor weight difference of 11 grams seen over the stock part, so flight stability and time will not be affected in any way.

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5. DJI Phantom Prop Guards

drone propeller guardsA full set of 4 prop guards. If you are like me, you probably hit your propellers on occasion which can either damage your DJI or seriously hurt someone.

Prop guards are meant to eliminate this issue by providing a plastic barrier between the propellers themselves and contact. These guards are all white in color and very light weight so they won’t alter flight in any way.

The follow specifications are seen:

  • 18.7g weight
  • 112.32 mm radius

These are original parts made by the manufacturer, DJI, which means they will fit without much alterations needed. You simply screw the guards in place and that is that.

This adds a little protection to your Phantom that would otherwise not be seen. For anyone that is just starting with their Phantom, prop guards are highly recommended. Oftentimes, take off is very difficult and new users will tip their drone causing damage to the propellers themselves.

If this is the case, prop guards will ensure that the propellers never get damaged in the process and will also ensure that ground strikes never cause damage to the motor.

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