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GoPro cameras allow you to capture the action as it happens at amazingly high quality. These lightweight, portable cameras are perfect for recording sports, events and just about anything else.

While GoPro cameras are great on their own, you can purchase accessories that allow you to use your camera in new and fun ways. Here are 12 of the best accessories:

12 Best GoPro Accessories Yo Will Love12. GoPro Chest Mount Harness

Manufactured by the makers of GoPro cameras, this chest harness allows you to attach all of your GoPro cameras (minus the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera) to your chest. This best-selling accessory lets you record the action as it happens and from your point of view.

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The harness itself is completely adjustable and comfortable to wear. You can even wear it over large jackets. For just under $25, this is the perfect accessory for anyone sport enthusiast who wants to record their adventures.

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GoPole Reach11. GoPole Reach

The GoPole Reach is a telescoping pole that extends up to 40.” It’s the perfect “selfie” accessory that allows you to record yourself from a distance.

You can also capture footage underwater, from outside a car window or even over a balcony. The pole is compact (only 17” when collapsed) and completely portable.

At just 8oz, the pole will never weigh you down. Use it while you’re skiing, snowboarding, swimming or just out having fun. The GoPole Reach is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras.

This one is really awesome, trust me!

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10. GoPole Bobber Floating Hand Grip

GoPole Bobber Floating Hand GripThe GoPole Bobber is another great accessory for GoPro users that like to shoot underwater footage. The bright yellow floating body allows you to quickly and easily find your floating camera.

This floating grip comes with a direct GoPro connection, so you don’t need an adaptor or any additional equipment. The wrist attachment keeps your camera by your side at all times, while the carabineer attachment allows you to quickly attach your camera to your gear when it’s not in use.

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If you like to use your camera underwater, this is a must-have accessory that will ensure you never lose your camera – even in rough surf.

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9. GoPro Bag of Mounts

GoPro Bag of Mounts

Not sure what mounts you’ll need? The GoPro Bag of Mounts it the perfect accessory for you. Compatible with Hero cameras, this bundle includes:

  • 1 curved plate
  • 1 flat surface plate
  • A thumb knob (hardware included)
  • 1 pivot arm
  • 1 quick-release buckle
  • 1 leash tether
  • 1 vibration plug
  • Vertical J mount

Use these mounts to attach your camera to boats, cars, motorcycles and other flat surfaces. The bag of mounts comes with a 1-year warranty and is available for just under $15.

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8. Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod

The Dolica WT-1003 is ultra-lightweight and extends up to 67 inches. It’s the ultimate accessory for any GoPro user looking to capture the action at sporting events, family events, parties, weddings or any other event. The pole stabilizes the camera to ensure that your footage is clear and steady.

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This monopod supports up to 6.7 pounds and features 4 leg sections. The non-skid rubber feet keep the monopod in place no matter what type of surface you place it on. A carrying bag is included as well as an adjustable wrist strap. For just under $25, this is one accessory that every GoPro user should have.

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7. GoPro Surfboard Mounts

GoPro Surfboard Mounts

Approved by pro surfers, the GoPro surfboard mounts allow you to capture yourself riding waves like never before. The mount attaches directly to your surfboard. It’s like having your own cameraman on the board with you.

But surfboards are not the only surface you can attach these mounts to. You can also attach them to kayaks, boat decks, SUPs and more. Priced at just under $15, this is a must-have accessory for any watersport enthusiast.

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6. GoPro Roll Bar Mount

GoPro Roll Bar MountDesigned for GoPro Hero cameras, the Roll Bar Mount allows you to attach your camera to ATVs, roll bars, roll cages, boats and more. The anti-vibration mount keeps your camera steady for clear, high quality footage of the action.

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The Roll Bar Mount allows you to take shots of the people following you or yourself. The pivoting arms of the mount allow for 3-way adjustability, so you can capture the footage from the angle you want.

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5. Adhesive Mounts

Looking for a versatile and simple way to attach your GoPro camera? These adhesive mounts are the perfect solution.

The package includes both flat and curved mounts, so you can attach your GoPro to just about any surface. When you’re done using the mount, you can safely remove it by applying heat from a blow-dryer. You can’t go wrong with these adhesive mounts.

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4. GoPro Camera Tether Kit

GoPro Camera Tether Kit

If you use your device in extreme conditions, you need accessories that can handle the abuse. The camera tether accessory kit offered by the GoPro brand allows you to tether and secure your camera even in extreme conditions.

The kit comes with 5 tethers and 5 adhesive anchors. The tethers attach securely to the backdoor of your camera housing, while the adhesive attaches to your gear.

The best part? You can purchase the kit for just under $25.

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3. Wi-Fi Remote Wrist Strap

The Wi-Fi remote is the ideal accessory for anyone who wants to use their GoPro hands-free. If you’re looking to record snowboarding, skiing, surfing or any other action sport, this wrist mount will allow you to use your GoPro’s Wi-Fi remote hands-free.

It’s important to note that this is just the strap itself. The remote is not included. The strap just allows you to attach your Wi-Fi remote to your wrist, steering wheel, bike handle or wherever you want. You can purchase the strap for just under $10.

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2. GoPro Scuba Diving GoMask

GoPro Scuba Mask

The Scuba Diving GoMask allows you to record your underwater adventures in a hands-free, secure way. With the included mount, you can secure your Hero camera to the GoMask and record your underwater and diving experiences from your point of view.

The GoMask is a low volume mask that features everclear glass lenses and a skirt made from liquid silicone. It’s comfortable to wear and the buckles adjust with a simple button press.

Because the mount is angled forward, the mask allows for improved clearance and reduced interference.

While this accessory comes at a steep price of under $90, it’s the ultimate accessory for anyone who likes to record underwater footage.

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1. Peak Design POV Kit

Peak Design POV KitThe Peak Design POV kit allows you to attach your GoPro to your backpack strap or your belt. The kit comes with a J-arm to mount GoPro cameras with ease as well as a point-and-shoot adaptor.

The only catch with this product is that you must purchase the Capture Camera Clip in order for this to work appropriately. In other words, this is not a stand-alone product.

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  • Tammy Summers

    I really like this roundup of GoPro accessories.

    The Wi-Fi Remote Wrist Strap and surfboard mounts will be future purchases. I never knew about the Peak Design POV kit. It sounds like a great kit. I may have to grab it too.

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Tammy, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  • Nathan

    I have the GoPro Surf Camera Mounts and they keep the camera on, I never had any issue with it. The surface has to be super flat otherwise it might come lose so make sure you stick it on in the right place. It’s cheap and it’s not an eyesore, so it was a great buy for me.

  • Riana

    The GoPro scuba diving mask is one of the best masks you could buy, especially in this price range. I used it for my first scuba diving in Puerto Rico and I simply loved it. The only downside was the fact that you have to make sure the screw is tightened to the max otherwise it could move.

    • Mike Gortolev

      The scuba diving mask is a must for every ocean enthusiast out there 🙂

  • Lucas

    While GoPro HERO3 is not a very affordable camera, it does a bang up job; it will be worth every penny in the end. I oscillated between this and the older one only because of the price but I’m glad I went over the budget and ordered HERO3. You’re right, they have tons of accessories, you could easily send another grand on various add-ons so be careful ;).

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Lucas, that GoPro is very expensive, but well worth the price IMHO.

  • Christian

    While some say selfies are a fad, others enjoy it and have tons and tons of great memories. I have the GoPole REACH and I think my 16 gb card is full of this kind of shots – selfies of me jumping in the pool, climbing on roofs and the list goes on.

  • Monica S.

    I’m an aspiring photographer and I bought the Dolica monopod when I found it on sale. This won’t last for years to come but after a year of rough use it’s in pretty decent shape. What sold me was the fact that it’s super light weight; some of the monopods out there weigh as if they were designed for Hulk!

    • Mike Gortolev

      Hey Monica 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!!!

    • Bart

      Not that women aren’t capable, but my girlfriend is super tiny and a serious photographer so lightweight accessories are a plus. Cameras are so lightweight these days that it just doesn’t make sense that the equipment weighs a ton!

  • I just started using the Reach and love it — I’ve been able to capture some photos I’d never be able to capture before (including better selfies, of course!). Glad to see you include it on this list — it definitely deserves to be here.

  • Nick Rodney

    I’m paranoid with adhesive mounts these days, as I’m just scared it’ll fall off. Anyways, great suggestions. I’m really interested in the chest mount because I would like to go sky diving soon and would love to see what it looks like at such an angle.

    • Norma

      I hope the mounts on the GoPro are better than my GPS, lol. But I totally hear what you’re saying. I go into a lot of dusty and dirty environments, and adhesive anything just doesn’t last long in those conditions.

  • Steven Jones

    The GoPro bag of mounts truly comes in handy. I’ve been using their mounts like crazy for the past few weeks and I really am happy with how good they are. I also own the GoPole Bobber Floating Hand Grip and that is just so fun to use. I will have to look further into some of the other products/mounts to see if I could utilize them.

  • Stanley Zenman

    I love GoPro and their product line. I’ve owned a GoPro camera for about four years now and I think it may be time for an upgrade, and when I do I think I’ll check out some of these mounts and other various items worth getting. I want to get more serious in the making of GoPro videos, so it’s time I get to it.

    • Manuel

      I got my first GoPro years ago, and have never looked back! they make so many different accessories for my camera that it just doesn’t make any sense to switch brands now. I don’t need to.

  • Andrew

    When it comes to camera accessories and making film, I always go with GoPro products. This is a great list because I own about half of it. I really want to get the chest mount as I love going mountain biking and I have a thing about getting a bit crazy with it. So that’s be even cooler.

  • I wonder if the Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod would allow you to swivel the camera enough to take a selfie with it. If so it would be better than the Reach as it is longer and cost a lot less. Just a thought. Does any one know if you can swivel the camera on the Monopod enough to take a selfie.

    • Ryan

      That would be so cool! I take a lot of action photos, but none have been able to get *me* in the action with it. That would be a great bonus feature.

  • Hannah

    I really wish they would make a gopro harness camera with an underwater camera. I love to go snorkeling and scuba diving (less often, but I go when I can) and would love to be able to capture the dive without trying to carry a separate camera.

  • francis woods

    I am ordering that wifi remote wrist strap today! I can’t tell you how many times I have needed something like that and now here it is! I am glad that I found your website; it has so much useful information and cool new products! 🙂

  • Rick

    I didn’t really enjoy the chest wrap when I got it. I had the impression my camera was a bit too vulnerable and not under my control, and I had the impulse to always cover my torso. For some people it might work, but for me it definitely didn’t :/

  • Maia

    I love the GoMask for Scubadiving! I took it with me to my trip in the Bahamas, and I recorded some extraordinary footage with it. I have DVDs chock full of underwater video that I can’t get enough of.

    The GoMask was lightweight and comfortable. Took a little adjusting to, but it wasn’t too bad. The results were definitely worth it tho!

  • Jack

    I LOVE those adhesive mounts.
    Remember when in the old Spiderman cartoon Spidey attached his camera wherever he wanted and got some awesome shots for his alter, Peter Parker? That’s how I feel when I use those. And when a product makes you feel like a superhero/photographer, it’s doin’ something right.

  • Luigi

    The Bag of Mounts is a really good investment, but it took me a while to convince myself to get it. Seemed a bit wasteful at first – I mean, what am I going to use all of those for?? but it proved pretty handy.
    I wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t GoPro enthusiasts though, it has way too much stuff that will prove useless to amateurs.

  • Christine

    I saw an Asia tourist with one of those GoPro reach sticks to take a selfie…innovative, but it looked entirely ridiculous, akin to taping a camera to a a cane and then taking a selfie with it. Maybe I’m just oldschool…

  • Joe

    That chest mount really caught my eye. I can see that being handy in so many different circumstances. I would expect to see something like that for $40+ but under $25?? That is not bad at all. I am going to do a search on Youtube for some reviews on it.